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TTS-will it heal with out surgery?

Posted by Lolly O on 3/06/03 at 10:26 (111999)

can TTS heal without Surgery?

Will Rest ice stretch etc. make it better?

Or am I doomed for life.

Thank YOU?

Re: TTS-will it heal with out surgery?

Lara t on 3/07/03 at 22:04 (112213)

Rest definitely makes it better. Before I was diagnosed, but for various reasons had enforced periods of rest (1. - heavily taped foot that couldn't be removed for 10 days and 2. a nasty fungus infection that required hurt/itched all day and so I soaked and iced, soaked and iced, -and put on the medication- several times a day, 3. lousy flu bug,) things got better. It returned again eventually. Ibuprofen helped alot (until I took too much and burned my stomach - but I don't need it now)

You are probably not doomed for life, unless you think no other lifestyle than what you had constitutes for 'doom'. I had to change my lifestyle - but it's a nice life I have. It involves less walking - but I can walk some. Regular sports activities are out, but now I do artistic stuff which I really like. It takes a awhile to find out what works for you, and some of us run in to too many frustrating dead ends in the search for things that work than we would like. But once you find something you adjust and move on.