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BGCPED~question please!

Posted by Rachael T. on 3/06/03 at 19:06 (112057)

I have had pf for 2 yrs....several injections, the usual pt series, & more - my question is on my orthotics....the 3rd pr! & still not feeling good in them as I cannot find a comfy arch in my orthotics....the dr. casted me for them; & then, positioned a fairly hard pink material under the arch to add support - which from time to time POKES at me & sometimes makes my ankles 'zing!' - & even on a better day, this support is at best only tolerable. My foot is a medium to low arch, I believe. & he says I pronate.....after reading some of your notes in the past months regarding different foot analysis....I ask....is the poking helping or hurting me? I feel that its discomfort is not worth the support/but yet I must need more support than my casted orth. provide? Can I buy anything to add there that wouldn't be as uncomfy - & yet add support that I may need?? I await your reply. Thank you soooo much!!!! (Yes, I am sooo tired & wear of this as you can tell by my note - so your advisement will be greatly appreciated.)

Re: BGCPED~question please!

BGCPed on 3/06/03 at 21:43 (112071)

Without seeing your foot I cant say for sure. With your history I would say the fo is not the best case for you. I feel like a broken record here but there are too many people doing fo that dont know what they are doing.

I REPEAT too many people think a big arch is the answer to all problems. This is a flawed premis. *If your fo is hurting and you have had a proper foor, shoe and fo eval then you are looking at more.

I wuld guess you have been victem of several bad orhtotics. Let me know if you have any more concerns or questions

Re: BGCPED~question please!

BGCPed on 3/07/03 at 07:19 (112092)

P.S. if you have a good relationship with the pod ask him if he coulkd possibly redice the arch 10 or 15% and increase the varus correction in the heel, maybe also ad about 1/8 inch of elevation as well. This would control the foot and get the arch to calm down a bit. Do you wear them often, perhaps most every day? Also what shoes d o you wear them in?
Again not seeing you I am just guessing but yours is a common complaint with an easy solution.

I just get frustrated with this. I had 3 pt yeasterday alone that had poorly thought out and made orthotics. I think I talked with Dr Ed via this forum a year ago about some sort of higher training or national standard. I know there is a group that labs can belong to but I was thinking of a training seminar for all practitioners to attend.

There are smaller ones located around the country. I would think some of the big materials and ortho shoe companies would underwrite some of it. In most states any person on this board could buy equipment and materials and open up shop tomorrow, even with zero training and experience

I think it is a great concept and it would raise the bar. I am also sad to think that many would still not attend. One thing I hear too much when I ask a pt about their fo. 'after 5 shots he said I needed orthotics. an assistant casted me. 3 weeks later they handed them to me in a bag and said put them in all your shoes. no I didnt get a break in sheet. I wore them for about 2 weeks and tossed them in the junk drawer, and the damn things cost almost $400'

off the soapbax. maybe richard and some of the Dr can add to this

Re: BGCPED~question please!

Richard, C.Ped on 3/07/03 at 09:28 (112106)

You know...the first thing I think of when someone has a low arch and is complaining of the orthosis arch feeling 'high' or 'poking', I automatically go to forefoot varus. Maybe I have a FFV fetish or something, but with people I see, that is usually the case.

You may want to do a 'search' for 'forefoot varus' to see what we are talking about.

Three pairs....grrrrrrr.

Re: BGCPED~question please!

Richard, C.Ped on 3/07/03 at 09:38 (112110)

Ill tell you what I want to see. I want anyone that makes orthotics have to be licenced to do it...just as a pharmacist is with medications, I think we should be licenced. you know as well as I, you can really hurt someone if you do not know what you are doing. Especially taking care of the diabetic foot. Worst case...amputation.