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Posted by BGCPed on 3/06/03 at 21:33 (112069)

I was reading all of these tts questions and it got me curious. i get most referrals from orthopedic foot/ankle sureons. I have never, in 3 year got a dx of tts writen on a script. wondering if the pod dx and ortho dx is a matter of symantics or if it is really that different.
I would love for some discourse on this and some explaination of the difference in dx.



Richard, C.Ped on 3/07/03 at 09:31 (112107)

I met with one of the orthopedic surgeons that refer to us the other day. I asked him if he ever sees TTS getting confused with post tib tendonitis. He said that he has seen that. He also has only seen one case of TTS is a patient which was a few years ago.