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Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Posted by Jerry F on 3/07/03 at 11:59 (112134)

The foot is getting better, no morning pain to speak of although still sore from the treatment. The foot is stronger than it was last week although still not 100% it is getting better and really the only discomforted is the lingering effects of the treatment than the 'feeling' that the PF/heelspur is still weak from the treatment.

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Molly on 3/07/03 at 14:50 (112160)

My foot is feeling so much better as well. I had ESWT High Intensity treatment in Toronto a day before Jerry, on Jan 30. I have no morning pain at all and most of the time I'm pain-free, I do feel it if I overdo it and I'm on my feet for too long, but I think that's just my feet feeling 'tired'. It feels tight and a bit weak, but I think that's from lack of use over the last few years.

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Rose M on 3/07/03 at 20:03 (112198)

Question for Molly and Jerry: Was there an absence of heel pain from the beginning or did you find that it gradually disappeared as the weeks passed?

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Jerry F on 3/08/03 at 14:13 (112270)

Mostly the pain comes and goes and other than a couple of days within 2 weeks of the treatment, the heel pain is manageable. A minor throbbing pain for a few seconds and then nothing.

Sounds like Molly and I are about the same. I am looking forward to my foot gaining strength back.

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Molly on 3/10/03 at 07:52 (112404)

I agree with Jerry. My pain comes and goes too. Some days it feels great, other days its sore, but always better than before. I feel it if I'm on it for too long. I felt a different right away, the day after treatment.

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

JenL on 3/10/03 at 12:49 (112440)

Jerry, Molly and Rose,
I may have missed your initial postiongs before the ESWT treatments. Sorry if you did before. But I want to compare the symptoms you had with the current improvement. How did you feel before on a pain level of 1-10? You think you had a typical PF with morning pain? More importantly I want to know if you had any visible swelling or edema on the heel area before the ESWT?
Thanks so much.

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Molly on 3/10/03 at 13:31 (112441)

Jen: I was a sufferer of PF for 4 years, every month/year being at a different stage of pain. Initially, it started out as the 'typical' morning pain with the first few steps, then it would feel better as the foot 'warmed up' and I'd go about my day, including working out at aerobics 4 days a week. As the months grew on and I abused it more by rollerblading for miles, going on vacations where I walked for miles, it got worse and worse to where I could barely walk at all and it throbbed 24 hours a day. It was horrible. Of course I tried all the remedies everyone's mentioned (ice, rest, expensive orthodics, injections, anti-inflammatories..etc. etc.). I was beyond all of them.

I had ESWT on January 30, High Intensity Ossatron in Toronto, and I felt immediate relief the following day. (That first day I was out of it from the anesthesia and don't remember much and I just rested). The pain wasn't completely gone, but it was about 50% better. That constant 'stinging' I had was gone. It's going on five weeks now and I feel continued improvement. I do feel it getting sore if I'm on it too much and I know when to take it easy. But I no longer feel the constant throbbing I once did, unless like I said, I'm on it too much. I'm still riding the cart when I go to the grocery store, Walmart and Home Depot which I've been doing a lot lately because I just bought a new condo! Anyway, I still ride the cart around the stores, it helps so much!

Good luck to you and let me know if I can help anymore.

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Rose M on 3/10/03 at 16:08 (112460)

Hi Jen,
I also had minor PF pain in the beginning. Morning discomfort, which would go away and I would then go about my daily routine, which included four days a week (walking or jogging), two days a week yoga and three days a week strength training. If it hurt, I took advil, and went on exercising, never sitting still. Threw on the orthodics thinking I could do anything as long as I put these on. It was probably gradual, but it feels like one day I woke up and the morning pain never disappeared. Since then it has been a struggle. MRI showd a partial fascia tear along with other things I could not understand - they ruled out TSS although I did feel tingling sensations when it was very inflamed. Post ESWT, the first week I felt almost no pain, second week the foot became very sore and I would have shooting pains every so often. Decided to stay off of it the third week, it felt much better. When I do too much I feel shooting pains. The fourth week? We have only just begun.

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Jerry F on 3/10/03 at 19:09 (112493)

What Molly said I agree with.

I have had PF for about 5 yrs and the last 2 yrs have been tough especially at night or first thing in the morning, anytime I stood for over a couple hours, or if I played a round of golf. Oddly enough, I could run with little pain but soon afterwards I would not be able to walk without pain up to around an 8.

The pain now sometimes feels like a bee sting to the heel. A tingling type pain that is nothing like PF and it comes and goes. Today I went to the driving range and putted for an hour and hit a bucket of balls. If I had tried that before the treatment, I would have had to hop on one foot back to my car. Right now, it is sore but manageable and the pain is about a 4 that comes and goes. I know I should wait but I plan to start slowly getting more active and listen to my foot for it to tell me where the limit is.

I had the high tensity Ossatron where they gave me an IV which literally knocked me out during the treatment.

Good luck

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Rosemary on 3/11/03 at 07:34 (112520)

Jen, forgot to mention, sometimes there is some visible swelling, particulary when it hurting. Rosemary

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

JenL on 3/11/03 at 11:02 (112537)

Thank you, Molly, Rose and Jerry for your replies.
It seems to me that your PF cases are quite typical despite the differences in pre-ESWT pain levels and length of time you've had the pain. This is helpful to me because I want to get convinced in my doctor's opinion that I should not have a ESWT treatment, at least for now.
I had morning pain for months on one foot in spring last year until I started having the full blow of a sharp pain on the heel in June 2002. Meanwhile the morning pain and the pain after sitting disappeared. I took Methylprednisolone and Ibuprofen prescribed by a foot doctor and the pain subsided. I thought the heel problem is gone! I, w/h my husband held a 4th of July party at home entertaining friends for two long days. That proved to be the biggest mistake I ever made. Actually the strong drug masked the pain, and the problem did not go away. With all the cleaning, cooking, standing and walking during the long weekend, the heel pain came back with more severity, and the other foot started hurting too!
My heel pains happen whenever I put weight on it. It feels like the soft tissue is being squeezed out of the heels and it's splitting. There is visible swelling on the heel all the time, sometimes better if I keep my feet elevated. X-ray, ultrasound and MRI did not show much problem with the fascia except edema –swelling on the inner side of the heels.
Fortunately a doctor, whom I saw as 4th podiatrist in seven months and after many conservative treatments, gave me a pair of heel protectors to wear; they are made of plastics with a narrower contour than my heels, and keep the heel slightly lifted to alleviate the pressure on the sensible area. It helps me to some degree in daily life and helped me in keeping my job. Even so I still cannot go freely in a store without a wheelchair.
I was told that I have a 'mild' PF, not typical for ESWT. And no clear explanation was about the cause for swelling. I currently do light massage at home, and the symptoms are improving very slowly.
Sorry for being so long.
I hope you all have a full recovery, and please don't overdo it with your feet. Being cautious is safer, and your happy time will come later.

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Molly on 3/11/03 at 13:00 (112555)

You're welcome Jen. Good luck to you in your treatment, it's no easy thing to go through, and I think the hardest part of it all is the fact that unless you have PF, and have been through it (for years), no one understands what is like living day to day with constant pain. It changed my life, probably forever. Everyone reaches a breaking point, and I reached mine, which is why I finally decided to go up to Toronto and have ESWT. I think I was at the end of my sanity. This is more than just going through tremendous amounts of pain, it's an emotional strain as well.

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Rosemary on 3/13/03 at 12:42 (112762)

The emotional componant to this cannot be overstated. In reading the many postings, it is apparent that most of us were quite active and athletic. Accepting the limitations, the possibilities, the pain, the change in lifestyle, and the altered self-image is quite a humbling experience for those of us who were at one time running miles.

Today I had to walk three blocks to my doctor in NYC, and then additional blocks on the way back. I realized that I have never experienced what it is like to have people pass me by, in fact today, it seemed like everyone was passing me by. I have never stopped to take a rest, today I did. Acceptance of this condition is the first step towards healing it. This is the one physical challenge where working through the pain does not help.

Not to trivialize what we go through, but just attempting to acquire some perspective, I'd like to share something else. During my rest I noticed a man sitting on the ground with no legs and one working arm, a cup in from of him for money. For the first time in the many years I have been in this city, I put a dollar into the cup. For the first time since I have had this condition, I felt good as a result of it.

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Pauline on 3/13/03 at 15:48 (112794)

What an inspiring post. If there is a good side to P.F. it's taking time to smell the roses because we are forced to rest, and then appreciating the many things in our life which we take for granted.

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Molly on 3/13/03 at 15:51 (112795)

I have to agree Pauline, it was a very inspiring from Roseymary. One needs to read that after going through the hell of PF for so long. Like Rosemary said, a lot of us were very active, as I was, it was my life, a life long gone.

Re: Progress report 5th week after Ossatron Treatment

Jerry F on 3/15/03 at 04:27 (113058)

I dont plan on ever running again but I still can do the weights at the gym that does not put pressure on my right heel and I can still do the stationary bike and swim.

I saw a young lady at my Doctor's office who was missing a foot and I agree it causes one to think about how tough they have it.

BTW, consider this reply week 6 of my progress and it is getting better. I acually put it to the test a little more this week and the pain was there but short lived. WE will see.

Good luck everyone!