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Posted by Mar on 3/07/03 at 16:27 (112169)

I know I've asked about this before and I just did a search on it here, but I'm still not clear how it is diagnosed or ruled out. I remember my pod saying I didn;t have it, but i don;t remember why he said that and I am now getting concerned that maybe I do have it. How can you tell???? I seem to have many of the symptoms that I have researched or at least have had them at one time or another. Mar


Mar on 3/09/03 at 09:29 (112327)

Can anyone who has been diagnosed with RSDS tell me what tests/symptoms/etc were used to diagnose that? Mar


Laurie R on 3/09/03 at 22:44 (112394)

Hi Yes I have RSD , I had the SBN to diagnose mine and also three different doctors ... They go by your symptoms .....The SNB are nerve blocks they do in your spine.. They say if your pain lessons or goes away they it pretty much means you have RSD . A good place to start is a Pain Management doctor... Do you think you may have RSD ??? Let me know if I can help you in any way , Laurie R


Mar on 3/10/03 at 10:49 (112426)

Laurie -Well it came up as a possibility in the MRI, but the doctor said I didn;t have it. When I read the symptoms, it sounds like a possibility to me, although I do not have all the symptoms. I do go to Pain Management so maybe I will ask the doctor there. Do you also have PF? Mar


Laurie R on 3/10/03 at 18:15 (112481)

Hi Mar , Yes I have PF and TTS and RSD . That is good you already go to PM .. That would be the best doctor to ask . Also not to scare you in any way , but you don't have to have all the symptoms to have RSD . I don't .. I know a few people that also have RSD and we all have different symptoms .. So it showed up in the MRI that you may have RSD ? The best thing I can tell you is , early treatment for RSD is a must so it could go into remission .... Laurie R