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Recovery Post Op

Posted by Nina F on 3/07/03 at 23:08 (112218)

I am scheduled for TTS surgery March 25 on my left foot. I was
diagnosed a year ago, have flat feet with heel spurs and PF,
pronation, but no numbness or burning. Had the nerve tests
and then again which showed I am getting worse. Thus, the surgery
first on the worst foot, the left, and then I will decide on the
right. My question is regarding recovery. My doctor will make
two incisions on my foot and his trained partner (who MAY operate
above the ankle) will make one incision on my outer calf. I have
tremendous confidence in the latter because he is a plastic
surgeon who operated on me two years ago and he highly recommends
the podiatrist. They work as a team. Anyway, they say I will
be completly off the operated foot 7-10 days. But what happens
after that?

Re: Good luck

Marty on 3/08/03 at 11:30 (112250)

I have been post op almost 3 weeks for both PF and TTS surgery and I'm still non weight bearing. 7 to 10 days seems pretty aggressive, it's important to go slow. Your left foot was a good choice because you will be able to still drive after a few a weeks. Do you know if you will be in a boot, cast after sugery?

Do you why the plastic surgeon wants to go up the outside of your calf?

As far as what to aspect I think that's hard to say depending on what the surgeons find, how old you are, what kind of shape your in etc. I would say that you will have to give it a good month before you will feel pretty good and then it can take up to a year before you will 100% if all goes well. The damaged nerve has to regenerate itself and that takes time for it to get all the way better. Have you thought about Physical Therapy?

Best wishes,


Re: Good luck

Nina F on 3/08/03 at 23:40 (112313)

So Marty, you are on crutches for 3 weeks now? I will check on the
calf incision question. Yes, Physical therapy is part of the
package. I still hope I am doing the right thing with surgery. What
were your symptoms and what finally drove you to surgery?

Re: Recovery Post Op

Perry K. on 3/09/03 at 17:18 (112360)

Hi Nina,

I am not a doctor, therefore, I can only offer my opinion from experience and research I have done.

First, do not rely on nerve tests entirely in making a decision regarding surgery. Even a healthy result from a nerve test does not rule out TTS. If we apply this in the contrapositive then we can say that a positive result for TTS in a nerve test should not in itself be enough to decide for a surgery. If the nerve tests show you are getting worst but yet you do not feel you are, then you should consider that.

Now, your question was about recovery. I do not see how your doctor can tell you that you will be off the operated foot for only 10 days. You see, he has no way of knowing about the recovery time until he opens up your ankle. He can only begin to estimate recovery after the surgery and, yet, still recovery is unpredicatable. Why? because this surgery is complex. If he irritates the nerve it may not recover causing tingling, pain, hot flashes to the foot and much more. Even if he is an excellent surgeon and acts accordingly, scar tissue may form around the nerve from the surgery causing it to be in even worse shape than before. Dealing with nerves is completely unpredictable.

The incission to the outer calf is probably becasue your doctor suspects TTS further up your leg as well and wants to make sure he releases it there as well.

I had my surgery done 4 days ago. I went home with no pain at all, albeit, the leg was numb from the surgery. The surgery was complete at 1:00 pm and the anesthesia from the leg wore out around 10:00pm. At that point I took no pain killers because I was feeling no pain. I took only one Vicodin late that night in anticipation of pain. Next day I woke up with no pain. The past four days I have felt some tinglling in my foot along with hot flashes, both are mild and not consistent as they come and go. I suppose that this is an indication of the nerve having been affected. The question in my case is whether the nerve will regenerate to 100 percent so that the symptoms subside. The answer is time will tell. I am just giving you an example of a surgery that has been successful. Very few people feel no pain after the surgery as I did, which is a measure of the success of the surgery and yet I still have some problems that may or may not disappear.

Sorry for the long letter but i wanted you to know that this is a risky surgery. If someone had told me there was going to be a chance that i will have permanent tinglling and hot flashes, again, very mild ones at that, perhaps i would have elected not to chance having tingling and hot flashes. Perhaps I would have dealt with the minor pain and weakness I had in the ankle without surgery.

Re: hi marty how are you

carynz on 3/09/03 at 19:23 (112373)

heh there marty...have been reading all about your surgery and recovery so far on the boards here. I have not posted since having my surgery on shoulder as you know it's hard to work one handed and type anything without being too tired. I am almost 6 weeks post op on rotator cuff surgery and finally starting to sleep normally so to speak. Have started physio last week and am able to move my arm 30% range and therapist is happy with that so we continue next week. Since I have been off my feet for almost a month it has been wonderful to have little tingling happening and no swelling but now that I am back to moving around and some driving it is acting up a little but manageable so far. I had to cancel my appt with the new neuro in Vancouver which was Feb 25 and move it to April 6 since I was not ready to leave the house that soon after the surgery due to the pain meds they had me on and it was more intense this time. I still have to do the full bone scan and they also have me set up to take an osteoporosis seminar which includes a heel density scan and that's in April as well. How are things with you, much bad weather or has it been pretty mild. We have been having wonderful mild weather until this weekend when a freak snowstorm blew in from the southeast which created some commotion along the freeway and closed 2 of the highways going into the mountains. Today it has rained enough to melt most of the white stuff so as long as nothing freezes overnight it will be okay. Our kids are out for spring break the next 2 weeks - yes 2 weeks. Our school district made the brilliant choice to take an extra 5 non school days which gives the teachers and support staff a week without pay and the kids 2 weeks holidays. Good for some, not for others and makes child care a problem for some people too.

Hope to hear from you sometime. How did you make out with the neurologist regarding neuropathy tests and such.

cheers Carynz