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A message for the Doc

Posted by Linda on 3/08/03 at 08:29 (112233)

I have posted many times here,but I have one question that I wanted to know if you could help.
As I said before, I had my right foot operated on December 14,2001 in which i had Fascia Release,heelspur excision, and Tarsal Tunnel release.
I had my left foot done March 29,2001 in which i had Fascia release,and tarsal tunnel release. I have now been doing physical therapy on and off since then.
Both my feet felt great when i finished therapy last july,but like an idiot i went back to the gym,and started running,etc...all the stuff i should have stayed away from. I was in severe pain,and my foot doctor sent me back to therapy in September.
My feet don't have constant pain anymore,but I can only do weight-bearing activities without pain for 15 minutes.
My podiatrist has recommended me to start E.S.W.T. in a few weeks,and I was wondering if this will lessen the pain,and if i will be able to do more weight-bearing? He explained to me that the treatment is like having a hammer hit your foot numerous times. He also told me i won't feel a difference immediately.
(I have to wait to do the shock therapy because i am having a tumor removed from my bicep,then i am having radiation.)
Do you think this will help me in the long run? I am a personal trainer,and I haven't worked since my first surgery. I want to go back to work,but I stand for an hour at a time.
thanks for any input.

Re: A message for the Doc

Dr. Z on 3/09/03 at 18:37 (112366)


With the correct indication ESWT could help you alot. There must be pain on palpation at the insertion of the pf with no nerve entrapment

Re: A message for the Doc

Linda on 3/10/03 at 08:36 (112406)

Thanks for the Info, Dr. Z. The doc said I was a good candidate.