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how much ibuprofin is too much

Posted by tammy y on 3/08/03 at 18:21 (112294)

how many ibuprofin can be taken for heel spurs daily? my husband just started a prescription for vioxx 25 mg. he is also taking 600 mg ibuprofin. how much longer before he sees relief? please help

Re: how much ibuprofin is too much

SteveG on 3/09/03 at 19:50 (112379)

Tammy - I believe you can take up to 3200 mg a day. However, it's not clear why you husband is taking both. He must be taking the Vioxx because his stomach can't handle other anti-inflamatories. If so, he should just stick with the Vioxx. I hope you have read the heal pain book on this site and that he is trying the other treatments discussed e,g., icing, stretching, etc. Has he seen a podiatrist?