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Minimal pain so far

Posted by Valerie D on 3/09/03 at 15:06 (112347)

Day four post-op and I have to say I'm surprised that it doesn't hurt more. I have been keeping the foot elevated and iced for the last 3 days which I think is helping. I'm still curious about the drain, but I guess that question will be answered tomorrow at the Dr.
I was able to shower today thanks to the recent purchase of a shower chair and the assistance of a trash bag and duct tape. :)It felt good to actually shower instead of just using washclothes.
I have had a little bit of pain in my arch, but for the most part, the pain has been very minimal, for which I am very thankful.
How is everyone else doing?
I know my back is a bit sore from laying around on the couch for the last 4 days, but I try to move and stretch a bit to keep it at bay.
A friend gave me a wheelchair that was donated to them, so I will be trying it out tomorrow as a chance to get out of the house. I can hardly wait.

Hope everyone is healing nicely and having minimal pain as well.


Re: Minimal pain so far

Marty on 3/09/03 at 20:58 (112387)

Valerie that's great!! Keeping it elevated as much a posible has helped me the most.

Speedy recovery to you!

Re: Minimal pain so far

trish e on 3/10/03 at 15:15 (112455)

good to hear you are doing good ,been there done that twice lol good luck


Re: Minimal pain so far

dave r on 3/12/03 at 18:12 (112688)

Im glad you are doing well! Stay off your foot. You will find that the wheelchair is a huge help. You should only need it for another week and ahalf. i used mine for twoe weeks. thank God. then a cam walker for another week and a half. Now i am in my tennis shoes and doing well. marty How are you doing these days?

Re: Minimal pain so far

lorif on 3/13/03 at 18:02 (112827)

Glad to hear you're doing well also. I had surgery 4 weeks ago. I'm still having heel pain but I'm able to get around easily now with sneakers. I used the cam walker and a crutch the first few weeks. i was able to shower the day after surgery because the hospital provided me with a watertight cast and bandage protector by a company called AquashieldUSA. It really worked well. My problem came 2 weeks post surgery when I had my sutures out. The doc told me I could now get my foot wet. He had put several surgi-strips on the area and within several days they fell off and my suture line became infected. I was put on Keflex for 10 days and I'm just about healed now but heel still hurts to walk.