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BGCPED - Question again....?

Posted by RACHAEL T on 3/09/03 at 17:25 (112362)

I read your advisements & yes, I shall talk w/ him regarding this - again; but now, maybe I have more clinical way of communicating
& maybe that will help. Also - after reading your thoughts, can you advise me further on the following questions regarding your
increase the varus correction of the heel - how much & where & how is that done?
raise the elevation (I assume you mean of the heel???) - where & how much & how?

At present, my orth. feel like they are ok except I dislike & find intolerable the 'bump' that is in the arch area....this was added by the pod after my orth. were made by his castings. He insists that I need it.....without that padding, the orth. are more comfy - but are they more helpful....THIS IS MY MAIN QUESTION & WORRY. Please respond to this question as I value your advice.

In answer to your questions - yes, I wear them EVERY day either in my Asics or my Mephisto boots which are both good shoes.....
Any thoughts?

Thanks sooo much!

Re: BGCPED - Question again....?

BGCPed on 3/09/03 at 19:45 (112378)

Sorry was out of town for a few days. I would say that since they feel better with less arch that if he makes the heel a bit higher like 1/8 inch and reduses the arch raise a bit you may do well. I would ask him in a nice way something like, since the arch STILL hurts and feels to high after #$%^ days can we please try to lower it?

Bottom line is that YOU must wear them comfortably. If the hurt that much for that long then they need to be changed or modified. If he wont do it or blows you off I would go and get a 2nd opinion

Re: BGCPED - Question again....?

RACHAEL T on 3/09/03 at 22:06 (112393)

Thank you much! I appreciate your help.