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Orlando Florida Danskos

Posted by rebecca h. on 3/09/03 at 18:36 (112365)

I live close to Orlando and I'm having alot of trouble locating a store with a good selection of Danskos. I'm especially interested in the hermione model (open back clog sandal). Does anyone out there have any ideas.

Re: Orlando Florida Danskos

Richard, C.Ped on 3/10/03 at 12:02 (112431)

One of the best ways to find something like this is to do a search for that specific shoe company. Most of the time, they will have a section for retailers. Try this link...it should give all the stores in Orlando.

Re: richard

rebecca h on 3/11/03 at 13:38 (112561)

Thank you

Re: Orlando Florida Danskos

Dorothy C. on 5/18/03 at 02:31 (119165)

I do not know about Orlando but I love Dansko. Dansko has a website from which you can order. (www.dansko.com - I think). Also, Footprints (www.footprints.com) sells Dansko and can obtain any available style for customers. Finally, if it is a style no longer made, try eBay; many Dansko are for sale there.