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4 weeks post surgery

Posted by dave r on 3/10/03 at 15:43 (112459)

Hello everyone. its been over 4 weeks now since my surgery and i am doing well. I have been in my sneakers with my orthotics for one week. My foot is still sore but it is pretty tolerable. It seems to be getting better each day. I dont spend alot of time walking around.I would like to think that rest is my best option. I have had to ice my foot a few times only at night. I still have some swelling where the fascia was cut. You canstill see some bruising too. I have been doing some very light excercises which seem to help. I have been sitting on a chair in the shower and i still use a chair to sit on while cooking and doing dishes. My foot feels pretty good. I havent had any zingers in a long time. My foot is just pretty achey after walking on it. I thavent returned to work yet. I go back in two weeks. The incision site on my foot has completely heeled. So far i havent regretted having this done. I hope that the next few months prove to be the same.

Re: 4 weeks post surgery

BrianJ on 3/10/03 at 17:40 (112474)

Dave --

Glad to hear your 'so far, so good' report. Please continue to keep us informed.

Re: 4 weeks post surgery

Sharon W on 3/10/03 at 18:16 (112482)


Sounds good! I hope you'll keep up with what you're doing, since it seems to be working so well for you. Recovery from this surgery is SO tedious, sometimes it is even hard to recognize it when you're getting better because it happens so slowly and typically involves lots of setbacks, followed by improvement...

I found it really helps to try to keep focused on the big picture, and not pay too much attention to every setback. If the OVERALL trend is to get better and not worse, that's the important thing. And it certainly does sound like that is turning out to be the case for you!


Re: 4 weeks post surgery

Marty on 3/13/03 at 22:14 (112905)

Glad to hear the good news.