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7 mos post tts surgery. STILL IN PAIN!

Posted by Scott D on 3/10/03 at 18:22 (112485)

It's now 7 mos since my tts release surgery and I'm still in alot of pain.
Has anyone experienced this?
Does this mean my surgery was not successful?
Could it be scar tissue or nerve damage?
Or, am I being impatient?
Had a MRI last week and waiting for results. Latest Nerve test is normal.(Pre surgery NCT showed entrapment)

Re: 7 mos post tts surgery. STILL IN PAIN!

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/10/03 at 18:42 (112489)


Seven months is about the time that I expect to see significant improvement but that number is far from being cast in stone. It is encouraging to sse an abnormal NCV become normal (if my understanding is correct). Aa normal NCV could indicate healing is occurring and time could be a factor in seeing relief. Scar tissue is often a culprit with this type of surgery and I would be on the lookout for it.

Re: 7 mos post tts surgery. STILL IN PAIN!

Barbara S. on 3/10/03 at 21:25 (112500)

I am 11 months post-op from pf release and Tarsel tunnel. I am still in pain also. My surgery was done by an ortho surgeon.(Milwaukee, Wi.) after 5mo. of follow up with him I went back to my Pod. as he is more personable. I had 5 months of PT .
I was fired from my job of 25yrs with SBC(Ameritech)as disability center said 'back to work'. I was having alot of pain still and depression from being housebound since Aug. of 2001. I was very active walking 4-6 miles everyday with our dogs and golfing 3-4 times a week down to doing nothing.
I saw my pod early in Feb. 2003 for follow-up and he says going to take time like up to 2 years said to come back in 4 months.
I will be going back in a week or so as my surgery foot has been really bothering me, and I haven't done anything extra . Right now I'm dealing with some other health problems that have come up not related to my feet and have been busy getting other tests.
I still have burning, tinkling, that goes up my leg. Tightness in the incision area and I do stretching all day long. My ankle area always aches.
I still keep hoping everyday that things will get better,but as my 1 yr anniversay approaches I'm thinking this will be with me the rest of my life.
I keep reading and hoping also one day someone will come up with a cure for all of us.

Take care and Good Luck
Barbara S.

Re: 7 mos post tts surgery. STILL IN PAIN!

Perry K. on 3/11/03 at 21:59 (112614)

i am 5 days post operation.
cannot answer long term questions but i can answer some of the rest of your questions.
success of surgery really depends on what YOU feel success is. What were your REALISTIC expectations prior to surgery? Have those expectations been met? Obviously, if you have a lot of pain it is not a success. Fortunately, it takes years some times for nerves to regenerate completely. For instance, I had cut my middle finger and lost feeling on the top part. It took 6 years for it to heel. I recently realized that I have almost complete sensation in a spot that was numb!

The pain could be from scar tissue pressing on the nerve. If the doctor releases the nerve from the tunnel and scar tissue presses on it again, the surgery was obsolutely useless.

The pain could be from actual damage during the surgery. If the doctor touched the nerve he may have hurt it. Remember, you do not need to cut the nerve in order to hurt it. Simple and innocent touching with an instrument is enough, especially for a nerve that is sensetive to begin with. If he had to remove a cyst from under it, you can be sure he had to touch it and did so causing your recovery time to be much longer as the nerve needs a longer time to regenerate.

The pain could be from a foot condition that causes the actual tarsal tunnel syndrome or post op the nerve pain (a tarsal tunnel does not exist any more) find out if a condition such as flat feet keep causing you your problem.

Nerve tests do not prove or disprove anything. They are used as guides. A negative result for TTS does not in any way mean you do not have it.

Re: barbara

Perry K. on 3/11/03 at 22:07 (112616)


when did the tightness start? i am 5 days post op and i feel tightness, it takes a few seconds when i stand up for it to go away. do you always have it? is it similar to mine?

Also, why did you go to an orthopedic doctor fro the surgery? you should have had it done by a foot specialist. Ortho's rarely do these surgeries and have no practice at it. Even Michael Jordan would not hit his free throws if he rarely ever got to shoot one.

Re: barbara

Barbara S on 3/12/03 at 08:28 (112636)

Perry K. The tightness started from the beginning. He was an orthopedic surgeon who specialist in foot in ankle surgeries. I have done stretching since my stitches were out.
My Pod did not want to do the surgery as he hadn't done many. He referred me to the ortho surgeon as he had done many.
I think my biggest problem is I also have fibromyaglia and any sugery takes longer to heal.
I haven't given up yet that it will get better. I really don't have the pain I had before. I mostly have tinkling and prickly feelings from the time I first get up in the morning and then later the achyness starts.

Barbara S.