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Bilateral hallux ridigus

Posted by Marie on 3/10/03 at 20:05 (112495)

Dr. Z

Remember me? I have bilateral hallux rigidus. You recommended that I see a podiatrist who specializes in orthotics. You also recommended that I see a physical therapist for my tight plantar fascia. Results: my plantar fascia is as tight as it can be. I am also still walking on the outsides of my feet with my two last toes pinching on the left and my right little toe pinching and trying to go under the toe next to it. It seems like I have emerging bunions on my little toes. How can this be? Where do I go from it? Walking is painful and am I doomed to walk on the outsides of my feet forever? Shouldn't the orthotics take care of this problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Bilateral hallux ridigus

Dr. Z on 3/11/03 at 00:01 (112515)


You may need an adjacent with these orthosis. Surgery maybe indicated

Re: Bilateral hallux rigidus

Marie on 3/11/03 at 10:04 (112530)

Dr. Z
What is an adjacent? What surgery would be involved? Would it be extensive? Can you recommend a good doctor in the New Mexico area? I REALLY want to get back to an eliptical trainer. I appreciate all your help. Thanks very much, Marie

Re: Bilateral hallux ridigus

Dr. Z on 3/11/03 at 11:39 (112542)

Sorry . My typing hand should of printed Adjustment to the orthosis. A morton's extension could help you. This is where they place material under the first metataral-phalangeal joint to support the joint and reduce the load and motion at that joint