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Capsulitis caused by cycling?

Posted by Alley C on 3/11/03 at 12:02 (112544)

Hi! I am a female triathlete who has started to experience (diagnosed) capsulitis in my right foot only, which usually flares up after cycling workouts. The podiatrist I went to prescribed metatarsal pads, which I wear in certain shoes occasionally; I'm a woman; I have many shoes! Is the best solution to wear these in ALL shoes? Wear clogs (yuk)? I feel like these pads are just applying a quick fix to the problem... they don't help very much! Could the high heels I wear to work be contributing to this? How can I lessen the pain without quitting running and biking? Thanks for your input/opinions.

Re: Capsulitis caused by cycling?

BGCPed on 3/11/03 at 20:27 (112601)

High heels and cycling shoes can contribute greatly. I see many triathletes with forefoot conditions. Many times they buy shoe that is too tight and narrow in the toebox. Cyc shoes also have very hard surface and sometimes screws from the cleats under a sensitive are of the forefoot. The act of high milage cycling also puts a heavy load and excessive time with the toes dosiflexed, exposing the met heads to abuse

Met pads can help but if footwear is too tight or shaped too narrow it will just take up more room. Is it worse when you walk barefoot on tile or carpet? Is it worse after working all day in heels or worse after a long ride? If you are that serious I would reduce your fashion sense and go on a shoe diet.

SuperFeet makes a good low profile (blue) insert thats great for cycling and other low volume applications. I would try to fit a pair that are sized by arch length, not what it says on package, and go try a bigger size shoe. Have your pod or yourself look at the area that hurts and see if there is any amount of thickening of the skin or callus under the painful area. That may indicate there is excess pressure on one met head

If your work will aloow it go to a lower heel slip on shoe with a thick crepe or rubber sole and a wider square toebox. Munro is a brand that make some decent looking but supportive dress shoes

Re: Capsulitis caused by cycling?

Alley C on 3/12/03 at 10:18 (112642)

Thanks for your response. I do have a callus on the ball of the foot, under the 2nd toe area mostly. I guess I always thought that was an inevitable from marathoning/cycling... I also notice that it's worse when I ride more hills (more time standing/riding out of the saddle). I do have superfeet inserts in my cycling shoes, so it sounds like it's the combo of the high heels and cycling, because the pain started up again this spring when I started riding again and I've been wearing heels to work all winter with no problems. I'll look for some better work shoes and see if that helps. Should I put met pads in my cycling shoes? or does the Superfeet sole do the same thing?

Re: Capsulitis caused by cycling?

BGCPed on 3/12/03 at 12:18 (112658)

Superfeet insole can be modified as well but your shoe needs to have more room possibly. Softer material about 2 mm thick can be added under the ball of foot with a spot cut out under the callus to float it. It is important to have enough cushion AND room for forefoot to spread out.

A met pad can be added to a superfeet if glue is strong. If you can see a dark spot on the insole that matches up with the callus the met pad should be located with its leading edge just touching the black spot (behind it). They can help if placed properly but if too far forward they will make it worse.