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anybody "GLAD" they had TTS surgery?

Posted by Lolly O on 3/11/03 at 12:17 (112546)

Is anybody 'GLAD' they had TTS surgery?
I would like to hear some success stories.
Thank You.

Re: anybody "GLAD" they had TTS surgery?

Sharon W on 3/11/03 at 14:02 (112562)

I am. It was a long and tedious recovery after TTS surgery, but it got rid of 80% of my pain, and that makes a BIG difference!


Re: anybody "GLAD" they had TTS surgery?

Pam S. on 3/11/03 at 16:51 (112573)

Dear Lolly:
I think alot depends on how much pain you are in and how much your life is affected by your pain. When I had my right foot released i was in crazy pain and feeling not well all the way around. After the surgery, my foot pain was much better and yes, Sharon is right it is tedious. I should answer you that 'yes' I am glad that i had that done because I could not live that way. I am now just so bummed that my left foot is burning and I do not know what to do. I like you, reading all these posts gets me nervous. I read these every day and obsess about what to do. It is crazy. I do not know of too many things like this that are so vague. Usually, you have the surgery, it is fixed and that is that. But this is not so certain.
Also, how old are you. I am 50 and had my previous surgery in 99. I think to myself, i have alot of living to do and would like the quality to be better. BUT, not if I am worse off after a second surgery. This RSD think everyone talks about has me a little nervous since my pain with fibro tends to be the burning type anyway. No one responded to my previous post. I would love to hear from Sharon who seems so knowledgable sp? It is not like you can call your friends or husband to discuss this because they do not understand the situation.
For your info, the PT i worked with would say to me, do not have the surgery unless you are in pain 24-7. She was really not high on my doing it and we have the best ortho. foot surgeon anywhere i hear.

Re: anybody "GLAD" they had TTS surgery?

Pam S. on 3/11/03 at 17:02 (112574)

One additional question i have is this...why would it be that my foot I had the surgery done on back in 99 burns several times a day. It still feels very tight too. I had PT after the surgery and did everything by the book. Can I still be forming scar tissue? I stretch alot. Is this normal? Does Sharon's foot ever have that burning? That was my previous question in my earlier post... does this surgery hold for years and years?Can you do permanent damage to the nerve if you do not have the nerve released? If your life is basically pretty darn good (at least half the day would you not have the surgery) Would love to hear from you.
I went to the pain center at our local hospital and they said try a tens unit. I have one but I have not taken the time to use it. Anyone tried that. I appreciate any advice or just plain ole support. I get down sometimes. THANKS

Re: For Pam

Sharon W on 3/11/03 at 19:32 (112594)


Your fibromyalgia is a bit of a wild card in this situation, and I don't know a whole lot about it -- only that fibromyalgia can cause deep, burning, stabbing, and throbbing pain in the muscles, anywhere and everywhere in the body (presumably that includes the foot and ankles...) I did read once that fibromyalgia can be triggered by a LONG period of excess stress or emotional trauma - but that the stress or trauma probably doesn't CAUSE it; it's more likely that what happens is the physical (and biochemical) changes caused by long-term stress awaken or provoke some sort of physiological abnormality that already existed in your body, and the awful pain of fibromyalgia is the unfortunate result.

To me it seems unlikely you would still be forming scar tissue now, since your surgery was back in '99. I have heard of surgical scars continuing to 'remodel' for up to 2 years, but that is very unusual -- and for that to continue for 4 years after surgery seems like it would be very unusual. You might, however, have developed some scar tissue around the nerve(s) 3 years ago that is still causing you problems. It is my understanding that SOMETIMES an MRI or a diagnostic ultrasound will show such scar tissue buildup. If you haven't had either one of those tests since '99, it might just be worth asking your doctor about. (Of course, I'm NOT a doctor, just someone who reads these boards all the time -- and perhaps one of the doctors will respond to your post with a much more expert opinion.)

You might be having some sort of a circulation problem and/or a problem with swelling and inflammation though. I know that I have problems with both -- and I do still feel nerve pain whenever my foot swells up too much (yes, sometimes I do get burning sensations). But I take anti-inflammatory meds (Vioxx) and I use compression hose (please do a search of Lara's post for more info on that). Between those two things, the inflammation/swelling usually seems to stay pretty much in check.

It might not be appropriate to use my remaining pain (the 20% that wasn't relieved by my TTS surgery last July) as a basis of comparison for post-TTS surgery pain, though. I've recently been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy (PN), which can cause symptoms that are a lot like TTS.

If you are interested in learning more about PN, what it's like, what causes it, etc. I will be happy to e-mail you back some info on it - just e-mail me at

syaw @prodigy.net

(Just be sure to leave out the extra space I put in between the w and the @ sign to discourage spammers).


Re: For Pam

Pam S. on 3/11/03 at 21:52 (112612)

Thank you, Sharon. I will follow up for the info. on PN. You are really terrific to take an interest in helping all these people. I live in a large city with progressive health care, and it is difficult to get the right help or find a doctor who will take time with you. I have learned so much from these posts.

Re: anybody "GLAD" they had TTS surgery?

chris on 3/12/03 at 08:02 (112633)

Me, I'm glad I had tts and pf surgery. I had my surgery Nov '00 and am completely pain free!

Re: anybody "GLAD" they had TTS surgery?

lauriel on 3/12/03 at 12:42 (112663)

Thanks for the input, I am post 3 months and doing fairly well, So I am glad to hear from some that have had a positive surgery.

Re: anybody "GLAD" they had TTS surgery?

Julie V on 4/06/03 at 23:49 (115560)

I am just figuring out this message board,so... I had surgery a little over a year ago. I actually had to beg my doctor to do it, because he tried a few times to talk me out of it. He had also never done the surgery before (eek!!). He did a wonderful job at it though. I am so glad I talked him into it because life has been much better since then.

Re: anybody "GLAD" they had TTS surgery?

rob f on 7/29/03 at 12:08 (125552)

I had triple release tarsal tunnel surgery in York Pa. The surgery was July 1 and last week had the stitches removed. I was walking without walker 2 weeks post op. Today I'm walking fine, the other foot is being operated on Sept 9. I am so glad i had the surgery. My doctor is awesome. He was trained by Dr. Dellon, and one more thing... He advises against any type of walking boot. I use a compression stocking from morning till bed time. Also, he says results and recovery depend 99% on the patient following his rules. No walking or pressure till he instructs. For me it was 1 week in bed.

Re: anybody "GLAD" they had TTS surgery?

SD on 8/21/03 at 14:15 (127551)

Just wondering how much pain you were in before you talked your doctor into surgery. Going scheduled for surgery soon and am having second thoughts.