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Can ESWT be used to treat TTS?

Posted by Lolly O on 3/11/03 at 12:20 (112549)

Can ESWT be used to treat TTS?
...I guess I am getting desperate.

Thank You.

Re: Can ESWT be used to treat TTS?

Pam S. on 3/11/03 at 17:57 (112584)

I think I remember reading on one of these posts that this will not help TTS only PF. Have you tried those compression socks? Where would one find those and what do you do in the warm weather with you want to wear sandles with those lovely socks?
Surgery to release the nerve is the only real way to correct this problem but there are other measures I know you have read on these posts to help get the pain under control. There is no real quick fix to this or a real easy answer. Do you have this in only one foot. Do you have flat feet. I do but othodics seem to irritate the nerve even more.
You should try orthodics and all of those things before surgery, however. Do you have good physical therapist? Ultrasound they use can help break up tissue that can irritate the nerve.

Re: compress socks/orthodics too "tight"

Lolly O on 3/12/03 at 08:47 (112639)

I think my PF/HS turned into TTS because my pod had me wearing aerobic shoes with those $11.00 inserts. I always felts these somehow constrained/constricted/put pressure on my feet. So I am worried that COMPRESSION SOCKS may do the same thing. I have heard some success, but mostly horror storys about COMPRESSION SOCKS and Orthodics.

It seems my TTS is worse when I have pressure on my heels...e.g. my foot on the GAS PEDAL. So I stay away from anything tight. I know my inserts seemed tight/restricted/pressury.

Tight might not be the right word.

I too have been to PT and had Ultra Sound and Shock something...I don't think it did much to the TTS. But I think it helpd the HS/PF.