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She's Alive!!

Posted by Necee on 3/13/03 at 00:30 (112712)

Can you believe it! After 9 months, Amanda Smart is found alive. That is truly a miracle. We can only imagine what that poor child went through, but thank God she is now home and safe.
If only every kidnapping had a happy ending. With the love of her family and support of friends, I pray that she will get over this trauma, and live a happy and productive life.

Happy trails.....


Re: She's Alive!!

Necee on 3/13/03 at 08:00 (112722)

Oops, I meant Elizabeth, not Amanda.

Happy trails...

Re: She's Alive!!

Carole C in NOLA on 3/13/03 at 09:12 (112738)

From what I've heard so far, her captor is a polygamist who took her as another wife and she lived with him and his other wives. Apparently she was allowed to go out in public with them and so on.

Her parents must be elated to find out that she is alive! How cruel of her captor to not even give them an indication of that, for so long.

Carole C

Re: She's Alive!!

marie on 3/13/03 at 10:05 (112745)

What good news for a change. Sometimes prayers are answered.

Re: She's Alive!!

Sharon W on 3/13/03 at 10:11 (112746)

It IS wonderful that she's alive.

That girl will have to walk a long road before she can really recover from her ordeal, however, or begin to feel 'safe' again under ANY circumstances.