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Posted by Lara t on 3/13/03 at 07:14 (112720)

Does anyone have a professional opinion, experience, on ART with TTS (particularly with no known cause, injury, lesion, etc?).

Someone on the TTS board recently said that some people had had some success, but that practitioners are few and far between. I did a search and the closest person to me is one hour away. My husband noted that there aren't any in the center of major metropolitan areas which seems strange. Either the suburbs of suburbs, or centers in largely rural areas. I don't know if it isn't talked about much cuz
1. those who experience success don't stay/come to the boards.
2. there aren't many practitioners so not many get the treatment
3. it doesn't work
4. other


Sharon W on 3/14/03 at 12:48 (112971)


It looks as if the doctors may not comment on this.

The name of the poster who was most prolific about ART was Donna SL. She almost never posts anymore (she got better and moved on!) but if you did a search of messages on her name I'm sure you could find out a lot more about it.