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debilitating pain in middle of forefoot--PF?

Posted by Paul K on 3/13/03 at 07:31 (112721)

About 5 weeks ago I noticed a slight twinge in my left foot while hiking through snow in stiff boots. No swelling, no bruising, no disruption of walking or other activity. Over the next few weeks pain in the center (relative to top and bottom of foot while standing) of my forefoot (ball and just behind it) became increasingly severe. It was worst while walking, although I could still jog and use various aerobic machines. About a week+ ago I was limping a lot while walking, noting that it hurt most when the foot is flexed. Doctor and x-ray found nothing unusual. No sensitivity to pressure, no swelling, a little pain when I try to move my foot inward against pressure. Doctor said it was a mystery, maybe PF, but in the wrong place. Gave me naproxen which I had to stop after 5 days due to stomach irritation (no nausea, but pre-ulcer symptoms). Slight pain reduction during medication, but I also drastically minimized all use of my feet. Supposed to go to podiatrist if it doesn't improve. I'm not overweight (not by more than 8-10lbs anyway), exercise 1-2 hours 4 times a week: stretching (calves included), aerobics, and weights; I walk a mile to and from work each day. Changed to stiff hiking boots (old ones that never gave me problems) when it snowed and was walking in them a lot during onset of pain.

Question: Is this history, probable cause, and pain location consistent with PF, or should I be looking for some other explanation?

If it is PF, I plan on rest, ice, and stetching as advised on this site.

Great web resource! Thanks in advance for any help.


Re: debilitating pain in middle of forefoot--PF?

Dr. Z on 3/13/03 at 17:38 (112818)

Could be a neuroma, or what is called pf distal. If it is pf distal no stretching at all. Stop all weight bearing excercise. You can't bending the front of your foot or the ball. Very important to get correct diagnosis. May need a second opinon