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spained ankle

Posted by Renee V on 3/13/03 at 14:53 (112783)

I am 32 year old female. I was playing soccer 4 weeks agonow when I came done on the side of my foot. i heard or felt two cracks when I fell. I thought I broke it for sure. The was severe pain at first then it kind of went numb by the time I got home and took off my shoe and shin gaurd it was swollen pretty good. So tomake sure it wasn't broken we went to emergency clinic and had xrays no break bad sprain see ya later. Could't walk at all for about 5 days then didnt do so bad with just putting pressure onmy heel.. But now i can walk but still with some pain my ankle is still swollen but all the brusing is just about gone. So i guess I amasking how much pain is too much. Most of thepain seems to be when i bump the anlke bone or press ontheoutside of my foot whick i guess seems normal .. But I get pain goinup the shin ofmy leg and evennow onthe inside of my ankle. Is this all normal.

thanksin advance


Re: spained ankle

BGCPed on 3/13/03 at 16:55 (112807)

May want an opinion from a foot specialist. Many times ER Dr dont catch many foot injuries due to lack of experience, improper x-ray or other factors. Could be just a sprain but if it keeps up I would see a foot Dr

Re: spained ankle

Dr. Z on 3/13/03 at 20:41 (112868)

Even if it is a sprain this could lead to a very weak ankle. I brace or air cast is needed at this time. In addition some type of ankle support will be needed for at least eight weeks when playing sports