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kathy g, thanx for your very kind words.

Posted by cindyp on 3/13/03 at 17:00 (112809)

i appreciate your reply. i had a wheelchair delivered two days ago and that was when it hit me that i'm in for a long-term ride here. my kids are going to take me around the block with my dog gwennie hooked to the wheelchair. maybe after that we'll advance to a sled-dog-type collar (not easy to find in the sonoran desert) and i'll learn to yell, 'mush!' (without the whip though). seriously, i find it very therapeutic to get out into nature. even with PF it's possible, even if it means wearing my kneepads and crawling out to the back yard. the stars are beautiful, and the waxing moon, and the clouds, and the mountains -- you get the idea. for all of you out there, never forget that nature is a true healer, especially of the soul. thanks also to Ed Davis DPM, (excellent advice); Bev N, fellow nurse compadre (i'll pray for you in your doctor search); Carole C (now i'm actually considering getting cable so i can watch HGTV again, i miss it); and Necee, who 'understands'. i'm headed down the worker's comp road (whose laws vary widely from state to state). for those of you involved in legal situations due to PF or similar conditions, remember this: lawyers only lie when their lips are moving. footnote (no pun intended): my boyfriend ray, who reinjured his PF/heel spur 13 weeks ago, is now reporting NO PAIN! yay! also: to Bobby W: sometimes the itching process, in general, is due to healing. it may actually be a positive sign. but the toe numbness concerns me; i recommend a neurology consult (i'm an RN). to Dennis T: get another doctor STAT (immediately). don't ever let another doctor talk to you like that again; he was hiding his ignorance and putting you down. i'll pray for guidance for you also in your podiatrist search. i guess i've been long-winded enough. love and peace, cindy p. (get out in nature and let her nurture!)

Re: kathy g, thanx for your very kind words.

Bev N on 3/13/03 at 17:47 (112821)

Cindy, Really sweet you are , sounds like you are not letting this darned PF put you down. I try to do thing too, went to Walmart and used the motorized cart today with my daughter and little ones.They are a big help getting my groceries for me and my daughter carries it all to the car and into my house, and we fix dinner for us all and hubby before they head for home.So my daughter and my hubby are good for me too, no more doggy though, she died of cancer 4 years ago so I do not want another dog now.I like your idea of him learning to pull you in the w/c. I should get a w/c too so hubby can take me to the mall. I will have to check on that cause the malls do not have motorized carts. I love going to craft shows, however those days are over as they do not have the room for w/c when they are at the various schools, and it is hard to get around the lawn in a w/c as some huge craft shows that have like 500 booths are on the lawns , and there are hills and dirt and all. I will be so happy when the snow goes away and it gets warm so we can be outside too, I hope I will be able to garden a little, I love planting lots of flowers. Well, you have a good night and it was nice 'talking' to you, cindy. Bev

Re: Using carts, etc

Kathy G on 3/13/03 at 18:16 (112830)

Thanks for the thanks, Cindy! I'm so glad that your boyfriend's PF is better and hope you will improve soon. My son (29) has PF, too, but went immeditately to a Pod, has custom orthotics and thank the Lord is doing quite well. He never goes without the orthotics or PowerSteps but he says that's a small price to pay.

About using carts, wheelchairs, etc. I have mentioned this before but at the risk of repeating myself, I want to tell you about a columnist, Donald Murray, who writes for the Boston Globe. His articles appear every Tuesday and he deals with the issues facing people as they age. He started writing about fifteen years ago and is currently 78. His wife, MinnieMae, has Parkinson's and it has become much worse of late. She had used a walker only in public for the last five or so years but recently had to start to use it around the house. He said that he looks at this as a way for her to maintain her independence. With the walker, she can do the things she always does and doesn't have to have someone do them for her. If she didn't use the walker, she would need to sit all the time and would lose the joy of being able to work in her own kitchen and get around her own house.

I thought it was a wonderful way of looking at the whole issue of using aides to keep us going and I think of it often. When I first was diagnosed with PF, I was hesitant to ask for a Handicapped Placard for my car. I figured that since I had PF, it meant I shouldn't go to the mall, etc. It was my husband who pointed out that I needed it for those days that my feet were bad and that life was not supposed to end just because I wasn't as mobile as I used to be. I use it often and I'm grateful for it.

So using the carts to get about the store is just a way of maintaining your independence and I salute you for it!