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Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

Posted by Amy in Va Bch on 3/14/03 at 06:40 (112915)

Hello everyone!

I am celebrating my decision of having gone to Bayshore ESWT Pain Clinic in Toronto (actually it is in Mississauga), Ontario, Canada for my PF pain of my R heel. If you go back you will see my posts which begin on November 14.

I am doing so much better. Yes, I had the excruciating 'first step' out of the bed pain! I had the pain for 1.5 years. I limped as though I had lost my elevated shoe. Due to the limping, I developed or exacerbated sacroiliitis pain in my left lower back. That has also improved significantly since treatment.

Cori was wonderful and explained the procedure well. I got to meet Sunny Jacob, Director of the Clinic. They were professional, friendly and very concerned about my getting excellent treatment. I did too! They answer all questions before the trip there and while I was in treatment there. They couldn't have been nicer.

I had this condition for 1.5 years and it was excruciating. I am fortunate that I do not have to work. I could barely clean my home and going to the grocery store was horrible. Ten minutes in the store and I was fit to be tied!

Does it hurt? No, the Low Intensity Shockwave treatment does not hurt. I describe it as a ping. As for the LILT (low intensity laser treatment), there was no pain there whatsoever.

I now walk with no limp. I am still limited in how long I can clean my home or go shopping, or running errands, but I am able to do them and that is miraculous to me. Do I have the 'first step' pain anymore...the answer is NO!

Please note that I had an MRI done before the procedure so I had no other pathologies. I was diagnosed with PF only! I wear Birkinstock sandals. Guess what? In January I bought a pair or Birkinstock clogs! That is a first. They feel fine! Two weeks ago, NOW HEAR THIS, I bought a pair of lace up, heel enclosed, ankle boots by Birkinstock. Look Ma, I am in an enclosed shoe now following my PF treatment at Bayshore! (smile)

Hey this is great! I would do it over again if I need to. I am hoping I will continue to heal. Should I not be 100%, I will go back to Bayshore again for a second treatment. I plan to return to nursing and I cannot have pain in the midst of an 8-10 hour shift. I must keep on moving in nursing, you know.

My post op-treatment was to take it easy for 3 months. If I start to hurt, just stop the activity and elevate my feet and rest. I did that. I wear only Birkinstocks and I could not stress that enough. It does make a difference. I wore the sandals in the styles that have the deepest heel in the footbed. I still wear them and also my new clogs and ankle boots. I do not nor did I push myself in my recovery time. I am also loosing weight because I can do stuff now. Before I could not. I think that is also a help with the PF, surely, it cannot hurt to resume a normal weight!

Thanks to Bayshore Clinic, thanks to Sunny, and thanks to Cori! I highly recommend their treatment to you. Call them and speak to them. The call will be worth your time. They are very patient there and answer all your questions or email them and they will correspond to with you in that manner. You will hear back from them. I am so glad I got over my fear of flying there. I just left it in God's hands and bit the bullet and flew for the second time in my life (first time was age 20) so at 44 I flew again. Everything turned out well.

I apologize for not getting back to the board sooner. There has been serious illness in my family and I have been very involved with that issue and some other matters that needed my undivided attention. Please email me or post to this site and I will respond to any questions you have to the best of my ability.

Good luck to you all and never, ever give up hope. Bayshore Clinic, my hat is off to you! I know you will keep up the good work and restore lives by the treatment you offer. God bless you all!

in VA Beach

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

Dr. Z on 3/14/03 at 21:59 (113038)

Way to go Amy,

I still remember the many telephone conversation that we had. Glad you did get ESWT treatment it was the right choice as you already know. It's amazing how you can overcome fear when your feet are in pain. I am sure that you will get additional pain relief with time

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

Sunny Jacob, Bayshore on 3/15/03 at 06:38 (113060)

Thank you Molly, Jean P., Amy, for your messages.
I only had the privilege to meet Amy. However Cori, our Senior Therapist, met all of our patients. We are extremely glad to hear that, like the majority of our patients, you are all doing fairly well after your ESWT treatment at Bayshore.
For the past four years we have been serving patients here from all over North America, and also some from Europe. The number of patients from USA, Alaska to Florida and in between, has increased five fold. At present 65% of the patients we treat at Bayshore for various forms of joint tendonitis and non-union of fracture are from USA. We follow up with each patient 12 weeks and one year post treatment and the results are recorded for our research purposes. But it is always a pleasure to hear from patients directly, unsolicited, on a public forum. Thank you for your trust in our service.
In addition to ESWT treatment for heelspurs and tendonitis, we are providing ESWT for treatment of non-union of fractures . We believe that we may be the only clinic in North America at present where treatment of non-union of fracture is routinely done.
Currently we are preparing a clinical study using ESWT for the treatment of Peyronie's disease with an experienced urologist/urolithiasis specialist, -again the first in North America. To learn more about Peyronie's Disease you may visit http://www.peyroniesassoc.org

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

Bev N on 3/16/03 at 17:05 (113149)

Amy in VA Beach, First of all I think you are so lucky to live at VA Beach-nice. Second, did your insurance pay for ESWT in Canada? I am considering having it done , my ins. will cover it but I am sure only in the U.S. I live in Michigan and there are two places near Pontiac, MI that do ESWT. I do not know anything about them or what one to go to. If anyone knows anything about them I would appreciate your input - Thankyou. You are fortunate to go back to nursing, I really miss it and I miss all the patients. Being that my feet are so bad, maybe if I do have ESWT and I do improve, I may be able to do some home care, as pounding the halls at work are too much now, Oh,well, time will tell. So happy to hear of your great results. Have a nice evening. Bev

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

Pauline on 3/16/03 at 21:34 (113175)

Dr. Jeffrey Klein DPM uses the Ossatron and I believe he was the first Dr. in Mich to use ESWT so I'd say he's been doing it the longest in MI. I think he has at least offices one near Pontiac and one in Southfield.

Dr. Arthur Manoli M.D. is in the Pontiac area with an office in the medical center attached to St. Joseph's Mercey but as far as I know he does not use ESWT.

You could call his office. Manoli is the guru of Foot and Ankle surgery in MI. He is an Orthopedic specialist, is listed in Best Doctors in America and has posted here on occasion.

What I find interesting is that none of our major centers Beaumont, St. John's or Henry Ford have put in ESWT machines and as you know Henry Ford treats all the major sport teams.

Dr. Zingas ran the FDA Dornier studies at Henry Ford, but at last contact they didn't buy the machine. Zingas left Henry Ford and is now only with St. John's and he's still not using it.

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

Bev N on 3/17/03 at 00:09 (113183)

Pauline, How do you know so much about the doctors in Michigan that do ESWT?Are you a doctor or a pod?

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

Pauline on 3/17/03 at 10:24 (113193)

I'm not a doctor or a Pod. I've had P.F. three times beginning in 1993. My information comes from being a patient of both Dr.'s Manoli and Zingas and I've spoken with Dr. Klein about the Ossatron although I was never a patient.

I've never had surgery or ESWT. Fortunately each of my cases went away with conservative treatment, but they took a long time. This last one really turned around when I began using the Jade Cream that Dr. Reynolds brought to this site. I used it, got relief and believe it it. I always keep it on hand. I've been pain free for many months.

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

Bev N on 3/17/03 at 12:27 (113203)

Pauline, What is that Jade cream you said helped the pain? What doctor that you have seen would you recommend for me to see? If I do need ESWT, then I guess Dr. Klein would be the best choice? You must be a Michigander too, right? I really appreciate your answering my posts. thankyou very much. Bev

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

Pauline on 3/17/03 at 17:44 (113241)

Dr. Chris Reynolds brought his Jade Cream to heelspurs quite a while back.
Many people from the site participated in a small study that he was doing and he provided their cream for free.

I wasn't part of the trial, but saw his post and purchased the cream. Dr. Reynolds lives in Australia. I must tell you I was very skeptical so I had some friends make a few calls for me to make sure # 1 that he was a doctor.

I don't know if any others here got involved in looking at his credentals or the products ingredients before they started using the product, but I certainly got the information I wanted before I began using the cream.

He sells a new form of it now at http://www.wheatgrassactive.com . When my first tube came I was heading for a meeting in Atlanta so I took it with me. After my first full day in Atlanta I went back to my hotel and started using the cream that night.

I can honestly say it turned my P.F. around and I've been using it on and off for a variey of conditions. You'll see other application on his web site.

I make no promise it will help you, because during the trial that he ran on heelspurs some people saw no results, others were helped.

As far as Dr's. in Mich., since I'm not a doctor I'd be practicing medicine if I referred you to one so I can't do that. Both Dr. Manoli and Zingas are M.D. Orthopedic Surgeons who specialize in foot and ankle. Dr. Klein is a DPM., and I just recently heard that Dr. Sami Rifat M.D. in Orthopedic Sports Med. is using ESWT. He is in Auburn Hills, but I've not confirmed it.

I'm happy I could provide you with some information, but I can't tell you who you should see. Don't forget Canada is just across the border and both London and Toronto also have great centers for ESWT especially if your insurance company isn't going to pay the bill.

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

Amy in Va Bch on 3/18/03 at 06:49 (113281)

Bev N,

No, my insurance did not cover this treatment. My hope for you and all others is that the insurance companies will wake up and cover this procedure. However, the cost for this treatment at Bayshore Treatment is less than 1/2 of what others are paying in the US for the one-shot High intensity treatment. The treatment at Bayshore is done over a period of five days and includes the LILT (low-intensity laser treatment) to aid in healing.

Bev, I met some folks while in Toronto when I did a bit of sightseeing and I understand that from Michigan, Toronto is only HOURS away from Bayshore. I can only tell you that the treatment at Bayshore changed MY life. I am so grateful that I found the message board and Sunny Jacob offered this treatment to me (see August 16, 2002, as I recall.) I had become so discouraged about having any quality of life whatsoever, let alone returning to nursing!

Let me add this also. I have not mentioned this before. Perhaps I should not, but I only want to be of help. My poor health (which does include other conditons besides the PF) took a terrible toll on my marriage. Whenb I was hurting and not 'participating' in life as before 'the copndition' took myself away from ME! Also, in turn, it took away from my husband. It damaged my marriage. Right now, I will be quite honest, I am fighiting for my marriage. Enough said. Take care of what you can the best way you can and pray for God to lead you to the RIGHT place for you to get the care you need for PF! Being unhealthy can lead directly down the path of hoplessness, helpnessness, lowered self-esteem, you know the drill...to DEPRESSION. Not that I cannot understand that, but it is hard to DO anything when you add depression into the mix. A supportive spouse can be a time-bomb and then what do you do? Just keep it in mind folks.

Bev, once recovered, and once the sacroiliitis resolves, and my weight loss is complete, I will return to nursing. I will do Home Health. I cannot risk pounding the halls either. I agree wiht your plan wholeheartedly.

Bev, good luck and write again if you have any other questions.

in Va Bch

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

Bev N on 3/18/03 at 08:44 (113294)

Amy, Thankyou for your answers, I do wish you the very best, and pray that things do go well for you. I did a big step last night,made me quite uncomfortable (mentally, not physically), and was a big step for me. My hubby needed to get some New Balance athletic shoes (PF too ) so we went to the mall and he got a w/c from the mall for me. I really was wondering how he felt pushing me in it, I felt very nervous. We had to take my mother around in a w/c for 8 years after her strokes, and that was in the back of my mind too. I felt badly for my husband that I am degrated to this step. It was the first time we have been to the mall in a year as I could not be walking and I would not use a w/c. He was great about it, however I know what he must have felt. Another hurdle to jump over. Gotta run for now . Have a nice day. Bev

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

BrianG on 3/21/03 at 19:51 (113827)

Hi Amy,

I'm happy to hear that you continue to heal. I know how down you sounded when you first came to the forum, and now your thinking about going back to work! :*)
I'm sure I don't have to remind you not to overdo it, you never want to go through this PF again. And now to hear your having marriage problems, after you waited so long for your husband to come back from sea. I hope you can get him to see a therapist, and realize that he took his vows for better or worse. If he does leave you, just remember, you are certainly not the 1st person to loose their mate, and family, because of chronic pain. It's not your fault, hold your head high!!! :*)


Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

JenC on 1/17/09 at 15:49 (254102)

Are you still around? I am looking for a place that can use ESWT for high hamstring tendinopathy, feet and also trigger point muscle spasms like in back and neck, etc. They use it for that in Europe, was hoping to find somewhere closer to the East coast of US. Was disappointed I cannot find a website for this clinic and these posts are like 5 years old now. Hopefully though somebody will see this and know. If there is a clinic I would like to know the phone # or email or if there is a website. Thanks.

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

Ryan on 1/18/09 at 19:37 (254124)

You might try calling this place and ask about Bayshore or even see what they can offer you.

Aches & Pains Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy - Toronto Contact
Telephone: +1 416 368 1926 Location
Street Address:
100 King Street West
Toronto, ON, M5X 1K7

Re: Bayshore/Toronto: ESWT-- 3 months + post treatment

meiling on 3/09/09 at 09:50 (255747)

it's nice to know this kind of things. it can help people who also have joint pain and need the right method to get cured. i have had heels pain for 3,4 years. so i need to know the exace address for this Bayshore ESWT pain Clinic. Thanks