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post pf release

Posted by Sharon F. on 3/14/03 at 06:45 (112917)

I'm 6 weeks out from complete pf release. For about 4 weeks I've been doing foot exercises and calf raises for my weak calf and achilles tendon. The foot strength came back pretty quickly, but it's hard to get the calf and achilles strength back. What is the relationship between the plantar fascia and the achilles, and what happens to the achilles after this surgery that makes it hard to strengthen? Also, am I doing the right exercise for it? I'm also riding my stationary bike. Thanks, Sharon F.

Re: post pf release

Bob B on 3/15/03 at 12:05 (113082)

Sharon ... I am so glad to find you because almost all info on these boards is directed at plantar fasciitis and heel pain, not your and my condition.
I have a NON-SURGICAL release of the plantar fascia in my right foot. Unlike your surgery, mine just broke in two by itself. This happened last October but I didn't get help until December. I now have custom orthotics. I ice my foot daily. I have pains that are always 'different' and I assume it will get better as it settles down. I too am concerned about regaining strength and flexibility. Maybe we could keep in touch for a while to compare notes. Good luck.
Bob B