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Note to Kamal S.

Posted by SteveG on 3/14/03 at 11:18 (112953)

Kamal - see my note under 'ESWT at Bayshore --'. Several people, including me, have the symptoms you describe and have had a definite improvement after ESWT, so don't assume it is not going to work for you.

Re: Note to Kamal S.

Kamal S. on 3/14/03 at 11:33 (112958)


Thanks for sharing your info. It is encouraging to know that ESWT helped you. Did you get it done in Toronto or somewhere else? Thanks in advance.


Re: Note to Kamal S.

SteveG on 3/14/03 at 12:05 (112963)

No I had the low energy treatment done here is the Seattle area. I was fortunate in that my insurance covered the procedure.