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History 101

Posted by john h on 3/14/03 at 19:30 (113018)

Has anyone thought about why Spain is supporting the U.S. in a proposed war against Iraq? I have not seen one article or any TV coverage of why Spain would support us.

Try this history lesson on for a reason: Around 700 Spain was invaded by the Moors fron North Africa and within three years were under complete control of the Moors. The Moors were Moslems. The Moors remained in complete control of Spain for about 300 years and even today you can see their influence in Spanish architecture. Around 1000 the famous El Cid a national hero even today championed the Christian cause and Christians begin to fight the Moors. By the late 1200's the Moors had been pushed to the southern cost of Spain and the only area they controlled was Granada. By the middle 1400's all of the small provinces of Spain were united under one King and Queen (the very famous Ferdinand and Isabella). They considered the Moslems and Jews in Spain a threat to their goals.and around 1480 established the Spanish Inquisition which imprisioned everyone who was not a Catholic.

It is not a big leap to see how even todays Spain would not take the side of someone fighting radical Moslems. The Catholics and Moslems in Spain did not get along those many years ago and they probably do not get along today.

Re: History 101

marie on 3/14/03 at 20:54 (113030)

I am sure your right. The Spanish also cut one foot off every able bodied male Acoma Indian in New Mexico. They thought this would prevent the Indians from rising up against them.


Re: History 101

Leon S. on 3/15/03 at 15:19 (113090)

I think Bush offered them the Philippines back.