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Messsage to Scott Reeves

Posted by Rosemary on 3/16/03 at 08:47 (113115)

Hi Scott, I read your posting regarding nerve damage in your foot. Wondering what your symptoms are and how you have alleviated them.
Also, thought I would add a word of caution regarding a big mistake I made last night. Went out for the evening, really did not want to wear bright white new sneakers. For five minutes at most, walked around in a VERY MODERATE LACE UP ONE INCH HEEL BOOT - BY NO MEANS A FASHION STATEMENT, and immediately felt pain. Decided on a pair of VERY CUSHIONED MERRILS (they were dark) and prior to ESWT I could tolerate them for short periods. Sat most of the night. Today I am experiencing a real set back. The last three days of considerable progress seems to have been undone. Being a guy, you most likely won't be tempted to change shoes as often, but I would strongly recommend you sticking to those New Balance sneakers. Again, interested in how the nerve discomfort is doing, want to compare notes.

Re: Messsage to Scott Reeves

Scott Reeves on 3/17/03 at 12:40 (113205)

Hi Rose,

Yes, I am sticking with the running shoes. Sorry to hear you had a setback because your progress reports were very encouraging.

Nerve damage issue - This is all based on how I feel and what I think, so it may lack any medical proof. I had surgery on my left foot two years ago for PF and at the same time a distal tarsal tunnel release. The doctor who performed the surgery said the nerve was being impinged upon.

Recovery was slow since my PF was partially cut, but everything got better. I was even able to run again for a short period until my right foot acted up.

The reason why I think I have a nerve being 'pinched' again is:
- Hurts the most when standing
- I can run or play basketball without any problems on my left foot
- No first step pain in the morning as it relates to PF-itis
- No point-tenderness pain on the heel - you can poke and push away on it
- Follow up MRI's, Bone Scan, Blood Tests did not indicate anything wrong
- It feels the same as it did before just not as intense

When I was going through all of my non-invasive treatments before surgery including a hard cast, my heel pain in the left foot was still excruciating which really ruled out or greatly minimized the chance it was PF related.

The follow up MRI, Bone Scan, etc. stuff I mentioned was after I had surgery because the symptoms came back. Also had lots of PT done and it didn't work.

I had a nerve-conduction test done, but it did not show anything. Which does not rule out my theory. Plus the doctor who did it was not the best and he was using some pretty antiquated equipment in my opinion. But that was all I had with an HMO for insurance.

That is why I think it is the nerve again because when I stand I get the pain really bad. I know there is no muscles activating to support me and it's all on the foot, but I think the way I stand causes a shift in my foot structure (anatomy) and it puts pressure on the nerve tunnel and as a result the nerve is affected.

So there is my long, drawn out story on the nerve theory. I am going back to see the Podiatrist who did the first surgery because I really like him and I want to let him know about my other foot that had the ESWT done. He does not do ESWT, so that is why I went to someone else he recommended.

I will let you know what he said after I share my thoughts with him.

Now you take it easy and put those other shoes away.

- scott

Re: Messsage to Scott Reeves

Rosemary on 3/18/03 at 14:08 (113340)

Thanks Scott for taking the time to explain your situation. It helps to hear someone else's history. The reason for my inquiry is that I have been getting some tingling in different parts of my foot, sometimes it even feels itchy and I wonder if that is part of the healing process or some kind of nerve reaction. It is difficult for me to determine where sensations are coming from since I also have back problems which can also send out some strange feelings to the legs and feet. Anyay, hope each day finds you more and more improved, and again thanks for your input.