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Tony Little's Gazelle

Posted by Cyndi T. on 3/16/03 at 18:53 (113156)

Has anyone tried the Gazelle Elite that Tony Little advertises on his informercial? Since walking and running are out of the question for me right now, it appears that this piece of equipment would not stress the fascia. I developed PF a few weeks after completing my first marathon (at age 49) back in January. I am only wearing my New Balance 991's while my foot heals.

Re: Tony Little's Gazelle

Lolly O on 3/17/03 at 10:14 (113190)

Yes, I recieved mine in February. I did it for (3) days. By the 4th day my feet were much worse. So I stopped. I have PF/HS and TTS. I loved doing it though. I can't wait to heal because I really loved doing it.

I am not sure I will ever be able to run again and I think this is a viable option.

WARNING... I think my HS/PF turned in TTS because I was told to wear only running shoes. I wished I had bought the Arizona Birkenstocks earlier...before it turned to TTS.

Re: Tony Little's Gazelle

Cyndi T. on 3/20/03 at 22:51 (113698)

Just wanted to let everyone know that I found a good price on a basic Gazelle through this link: http://www.heartlandamerica.com/Item/default.asp?SKU=97179&Cat=1025&SubCat=1104&Prod=36612+22881+3522+36615+40242+36651+97175+97177+97178+36574+36652+97173+9157+97083+36422+97082+36611+97179+36426+36653+36657+36658

(Just copy this url and paste it into your browser)