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Posted by Dave on 3/16/03 at 21:22 (113174)

Well, after 2 years of misdiagnosisis 'achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, retrocalcaneal bursitis, FHL tendonitis, oh and this one, yeah that inside of your ankle is pretty swollen, but I just don't know what that could be,' my doctor has finally tentatively diagnosed me with TTS. This was confusing because the big toe flexion test was positive for FHL tendonitis, however two different MRI's were negative, tenogram with lidocaine offered no relief, tenography negative, ultrasound negative, so a day before an FHL release, I called my sports doc up in Madison, cancelled surgery, and he told me that was the smartest thing I could have done. I have positive tinels with tapping the medial aspect below ankle, and vague throbbing all day, worse at night, and running without a home made modified arch supports creates a terrible throbbing during running which causes me to walk home. I have TTS NCS/EMG on Tuesay and am wondering how to get the swelling down without surgery.Also, is it okay to run with this injury? I am an elite long distance runner looking to still make Olympics in 2004. Thanks for your support.

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Lara t on 3/18/03 at 00:03 (113274)

My heart goes out to you. TTS interfered with me being a week-end athlete (I was getting competitive locally), and even with just that, my trainer thought I should do surgery as I wouldn't be happy if I couldn't keep up my activities. I also had TTS for a couple of years with such helpful diagnoses as 'it's in your head, quit reading so much and scaring yourself' (when I suggested maybe I should see a neurologist as I thought it sounded like nerve pain), and antoehr that said it was the first sign of diabetes (which is either highly unlikely or impossible - the excess sugar comes before the peripheral neuropathy).

I must admit, I started to write a response, and I'm afraid to give you my thoughts - I would hate to provide wrong information based on my experiences - the stakes are too high. I gave up a pleasurable activity, and substituted art. You would be giving up the equivalent of a career. I don't know how much more I could have done to continue if I was sufficiently motivated and willing to make the necessary sacrifices and accommodations. I can think of things I would try, but at your level I hate to send you on dead ends too. I do know my podiatrist has had Olympic athletes (at least one - I remember the picture on the wall of local-girl-makes-good) and many week-end athletes, as well as many with TTS. I would find someone like that to talk to, to find out your options.

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Helen K on 3/18/03 at 09:40 (113298)

Please let me know if you have had any relief on your TTS. I have
been confirmed having it through MRI and EMG. Have you found relief
on the swelling. I am getting desperate and considering surgery.

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Dave on 3/18/03 at 11:52 (113322)

I just had my studies done today. I have absolutely no clue what brings that swelling down. I can tell you some things that have helped me through the pain: a compression sock used for people with sprained ankles. This helped me tremendously. I was able to run pain free. Also, sandles seemed to help.

So, how long have you had tts? My studies also addressed underlying nerve disorder as I also have neuropathy across both elbows (supposedly due to dislocating nerves and the friction that results). Best,

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Jeff D on 3/20/03 at 09:35 (113626)

Dave, don't you hate those words 'it's all in your head'. I've had an un diagnosed problem with my right foot for over four years and have had numerous tests as well. Well I went to a new orthopedic in the Detroit area just last week and he suggested a bone scan to rule out any unseen stress factures. Now it appears I might have arthitis in the big toe joint.

I'm not sure if I should hope for this or not. Maybe it will prove to all that 'it's not all in my head'.

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Dave on 3/20/03 at 09:44 (113627)


Are you a runner? Competitive? How many miles per week running? Yeah, that is pretty strange. Good luck with tests.

Re: crazyness

Bev N on 3/20/03 at 11:10 (113637)

Jeff, I know what you mean - it is either 'all in our head' or it is 'ideopathic' , then they send us on our painful way :o(