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steel toe boots

Posted by Bev N on 3/16/03 at 23:51 (113181)

I have a few questions I need help with: After 35 years of suits,ties,wingtips,cushy chair,and carpeting, my husband is a stat of downsizing and layoffs and he is now steel toed boots and hard concrete floors(same company-different job). He is walking 10 hours a day supervising a huge shop of men, and he now has PF.What kind of orthotics are best for work boots? He has tried some but no help. He has a high arch and high instep. Question #2: What kind of athletic shoes are best for men? I have heard og New Balance for us gals, but what about men? There so many different styles of NB also, how to choose the best one for PF ? His doctor just told him to do the alphabet 3 times a day with his feet (he didn't specify small or capitals haha) and to wear Rockports. Funny too how his doctor told him the same thing that Dennis's doctor said- the very same thing, must be same doctor?He also said ' I have PF too and I work all day on hard floors too and I am doing fine'. Makes us really mad!!!
Anyway, thankyou for your help fellow PF/ers and doctors. Bev

Re: steel toe boots

BGCPed on 3/17/03 at 08:01 (113188)

If he has a high arch the new balance 879 is one of the best shoes. What brand of boots does he have? Red Wing is a great brand that comes in widths. They have a few decent aftermarket inserts in their stores. If this is a long term job change I would suggest he gets some professional orthotics made, and not rock hard ones. Going from a low level of activity to concrete 10 hpd is a killer on the feet.

I wouldnt mess around with it, catch it before it gets too problematic. We are talking about his livelyhood her

Re: steel toe boots

Bev N on 3/17/03 at 08:19 (113189)

He does have an Rx for the orthotics, however his ins. does not pay for them and since I have had bad luck with mine, he is afraid to sink $250.00 into them and have the same bad luck. What about the Powersteps sold on this board? Are they worth a try?He is thinking on getting them.
I'm not sure what his work boots are, I will see when he gets home from work. He is ssoo stubborn and will not spend the $ on himself for his feet, but he will do anything for mine. I keep at him however, he had better listen before he ends up like me and unable to work.
Thankyou for your help, I really appreciate it !!!!! Bev

Re: steel toe boots

BGCPed on 3/17/03 at 10:54 (113198)

Power steps are good so are superfeet brand. He needs to listen since it can get out of hand. tTell him to read some of the posts on here. My Mother is the same way. I can get her shoes and fo and she says they are great but doesnt wear them much. But, she will put value on what some lady at the grocery store tells her over my opinion.

Re: steel toe boots

Richard, C.Ped on 3/17/03 at 11:29 (113200)

I don't know if there is a C.Ped in your area...but you may want to shop around to see if someone will give a discount if insurance does not pay. I don't really have a 'set price' for orthotics. If someone does not have insurance...or if I know the insurance does not pay, I gladly give discounts as well as break up the price into a couple/three payments to make it easier on the wallet. It could not hurt to ask around.