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I tried Electric Muscle Stim. For TTS

Posted by AngelaS on 3/17/03 at 22:28 (113270)

I've found so much good info here I wanted to contribute what little I could.
FWIW I have had 6 treatments of EMS with a Chiropractor. After it is done my feet feel better, but the next day my legs, back, and feet HURT. The Doc. says it is due to using different muscles when I walk now.
Could be, I have had TTS Since Nov., but realized I had mild symptoms for more than at least a year.
For mild PF he said to roll my foot over a tennis ball feet pointing DOWN. I had never heard about the down part before. I feel it a lot in my lower legs after just a few minutes per foot.
He also applied an oil with herbs in a DSMO base to the Tarsal area. Not sure it helps?
Taped the feet a few times and I liked how that felt.
Oh ya, one other herb I'm taking orally that is supposed to 'drain' the inflammation-Curcumin with Butchers Broom.
This is all done at the Chiro including heel manipulation. And since I am doing this all at once it's hard to tell what is working/or not.
Will let you know if it helps, I've had Cortizone injections (2) and take Vioxx, Neurotin, Darvon when it gets bad and Ativan which seems to really help. Plus Ambian now for sleep Geesh. But I have Fibro too so that complicates things.
Take Care,

Re: I tried Electric Muscle Stim. For TTS

Pam S. on 3/17/03 at 23:31 (113273)

Dear Angela:
I have fibro also and am also on neurontin, klonopin(for sleep) but this past year the pharmacologist I work with has put me on Lexapro (a form of Celexa which is an SSRI. I am not really 'depressed' but the pain of fibro plus the nerve pain of TTS is really difficult to deal with as you know. This drug has really, really helped me with my energy level and concentration and just coping with everything. Believe me, I do not want to be on all of these meds and I am sure you do not either but it is either this or a very crummy quality of life.
I would be very interested to hear how you progress with what all you are doing. Is Electric Muscle Stim the same thing as a tens unit? Do you think the fibro plays a role in the TTS. I know there are plenty of people who have TTS who do not have fibro but I am curious. Are you afraid to have surgery because of the fibro? I am.
I cannot tell you how much comfort I get from these boards. I have never felt so alone in my life as I have felt in these past four years I have been dealing with this.
Currently, I have no pod. to work with. I am just out of gas with them all. I just do the tennis ball massage which is sooooo helpful I agree. I do it several times a day and ice. Take care ps Tape is great for me too...

Re: I tried Electric Muscle Stim. For TTS

AngelaS on 3/21/03 at 21:59 (113840)

HI Pam,
Yea, I was totally against any medication, but I was a basket case with the Fibro, and decided quality of life was worth more than qauntity, and 'toughing it out' instead of accepting the help that is available was silly!
I took Klonipin but then found that it was making me so tired and even depressed, so I switched to Ativan. I don't think I am normally depressed though I may be getting there! I've tried lots of SSRI's but not Lexapro. Most gave me bad restless leg syndrome or other side effects, though I now know I should have tried some for a longer trial period.
The EMS is different from the Tens Unit. I used to have one of those. This is a lot stronger stimulation, two 3' pads are placed on the ankle and heel that is connected to a machine that provides the pulsing 'energy'. Kind of like a force field :-) Treatment lasts about 10 minutes max.
The tens unit gives a very mild stimulation that you barely feel. Not the EMS, it will curl your toes!
I personally don't think Fibro plays a role. I've had foot pain for years. Somehow I just don't feel it is related. But I think the EMS is more painful due to Fibro.
I haven't done the surgery because of this board, just kidding, (sort of). I would like to be assured of a better success rate, and as one doctor put it, nature that moves quickly destroys. I don't want to do more damage in the long run. But I bet I will do it anyway if I become immobile or just can't stand the pain anymore!
Have you had TTS for 4 years??? How much does it interfere with your life?
I would love to know about any other boards you find helpful with this or Fibro. I totally understand feeling alone. Thanks!