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Can you help ?

Posted by Mike M on 3/18/03 at 06:11 (113279)

I have a high arched pronating foot according to one pod I've seen. What sort of orthotics do I need ?

In the past I've had orthotics which have a rear post which pushes my foot onto the medial side, is that correct ? Orthotics have never been very successful.


Re: Can you help ?

DRZ on 3/18/03 at 06:48 (113280)


The goal is to control the abnormal pronation. Pushing the foot into the medial arch area contributes to pronation. I need to know what foot problem are you correcting. Plantar fasciitis?

Re: Dr Z

Mike M on 3/18/03 at 08:57 (113296)


Been told I don't have PF, more likely biomechanical problem.

Never had 1st step pain, and pain relieved immediately I sit down.

Re: Dr Z

Dr. Z on 3/18/03 at 12:51 (113327)

It is very important to know what the diagnosis is and why your need biomechanical control. Usually this is for foot/ankle/knee and or lower back pain. For just foot pain the typical diagnosis is plantar fasciitis and or posterior tibialis tendonitis