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60 year old Grandma

Posted by john h on 3/18/03 at 09:53 (113299)

I opened up USA Today yesterday and there stood a 60 year old Grandmother who is an Army Warrant Officer. She was in Kuwait and a Chinook Helicopter pilot. She had her weapons strapped on and was in front of her chopper and good to go.She has been in the Army for 30 years. Does that make you proud or what? Take a hike Sean Penn! This is my kind of Grandma.

Re: 60 year old Grandma

BGCPED on 3/18/03 at 10:46 (113308)

Not to mention Sean Penn but I still think his finest role was in Sam I Am and Fast times at Ridgemont High

Re: 60 year old Grandma

marie on 3/18/03 at 11:14 (113315)

It is nice to see that women are able to take such an active role in the military these days. Probably very different from when you were in the service , john. How do you feel about women registering for the draft? I am all for it. If we want true equality we should be willing to fight just as hard as any man.

Thanks for sharing I will have to check out that article.


Re: 60 year old Grandma

john h on 3/18/03 at 11:46 (113319)

we were just starting to get some women pilots when I left Marie. They were not fighter pilots or in combat at that time. I know we have women fighter pilots now flying off of carriers. I think all this is great. I have no idea how the public will react if a woman is ever taken as a POW? It has never been a part of our culture. I am totally amazed that a 60 year old woman can fly combat in a helicopter. Helicopter flying can be very fatiguing as you have to fly it at all times with both hands and both feet and all fingers. There is also a constant vibration which adds to fatigue. Even young men can get worn down under this load especially in combat This has to be one tough 60 year old woman. I really did not realize military men or women could still fly at age 60 much less in combat. The military has adapted very well to women in the service. The military also was very quick to integrate African American's with no problems. My first commanding officer was a black American Officer Major Chappie James (1954), He became a 4 star General and the highest ranking officer in the Air Force. I later encountered him in Vietnam as a Wing Commander in 1968. As you remember in 1954 the civil rights movement had not yet taken shape.

Re: 60 year old Grandma

john h on 3/18/03 at 12:01 (113323)

Sure I think women registering for the draft to be the same as for men. The military provides great opportunities for all young men and women who might not otherwise have these opportunities. The military put me through college, trained me as a pilot and electronics, sent me to all corners of the world and afforded me opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. Nearly all of the WW II vets were put through college as a result of their military service. I really support military life as a career although I understand many will just not fit. Lifetime medical care, unbelievable training in all sorts of fields, travel, college, retirement and sense of contribution. Opportunities are unlimited. It sure turned my life around.