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Hollywood Guys That Did Stand Up To Be Counted

Posted by john h on 3/18/03 at 10:20 (113303)

1.Don Adams contracted malaria while serving with the Marines on Guadacanal.
2.James Arness, U.S. Army awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star at Anzio.
3. Jackie Coogan a volunteered for flight duty in Army Air Corpos.
4.Charles During won three Purle Hearets and Bronze Star after surviving D-Day.
5.Glenn Ford served in Navy in WWII and reserves in Korea and Vietnam.
6.Lee Marvin, U.S. Marine Corps, wounded in battle of Saipan.
7.Audie Murphy won every medal there was to be awarded including Medal of Honor.
8.Jack Palance U.S. Army Air Corps, required facial reconstruction from injuries sustained in a B-17 crash landing in 1943.
9. Jason Robards U.S. Navy was a radioman at Pearl Harbor during Japanese attack.
10.Robert Stack U.S. Navy taught anti aircraft gunnery.
11 Henry Fonda joined Navy and awarded Bronze Star for Valor.
12.Clark Gable joined Army as a private in 1942 even though he was beyond draft age and was a B-17 gunner.
13. Ronald Regan was a Captain in Army Air Corps.
14.Jimmy Stewart was an Air Force pilot who flew missions against Germany and became a Colonel.
15. Bogey-Humphrey Bogart was wounded while flying in WW I and tried to enlist in WW II but was turned down because of age.

When it came time to serve these guys stepped up. Look over this list George Clooney and take notice.