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24hr Heal Pain *back of Heal*

Posted by jim s on 3/18/03 at 14:41 (113347)

I have spurs on both feet, on the back of my heal. Pain 24hrs a day every day. About a year ago, after heal cups and New Balance shoes, the pain began to fade away. But now its back and hurts more than ever. Its also causing my ankles to be very sore (I'm guessing because I am walking different)

Anyway, what is the best remedy for heal pain on the back of the heal? Sometimes I feel like cutting my feet off...

Re: 24hr Heal Pain *back of Heal*

DR Z on 3/18/03 at 19:25 (113375)


Some of the treatment that may give you relief are physical therapy, oral anti-inflamatory medication. Taping, possible orthosis. ESWT has been very effective in my practice for this chronic problem

Re: 24hr Heal Pain *back of Heal*

jim s on 3/20/03 at 09:48 (113628)

Thanks for the reply...I will be making a doctors appointment real soon...

Is there any recomended oral anti-inflamatory medication (over the counter)?

Re: 24hr Heal Pain *back of Heal*

jims on 3/22/03 at 19:19 (113936)

How would I tape me foot to releive pain in this area?