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as the worm turns

Posted by BGCPED on 3/18/03 at 16:21 (113354)

wow look at this, guess maybe they want to donate a few troops to hedge their bet now that they see Bush/Blair are not screwing around anymore. I wonder the logic of saying they will help right away if chem or bio is used. 1 what the hell is the difference and 2 we dont need their help. On second thought France can give us invoices and blueprints so we can see what all Sadam has

Re: as the worm turns

john h on 3/18/03 at 18:19 (113365)

House of Commons just voted overwhelmingly to support Tony Blair and his backing of the U.S. and war effort. They also overwhelmingly defeated a proposal to oppose the war. Sort of strange politics in Britian which I do not understand. Most of Blair's opposition comes from his own party. When I heard the oppositon party speaking I thought they were part of Blair's party. When ever someone is speaking the House members frequently shout words which I cannot understand. Sounds like Yea or Nea and I cannot tell if they are for against what ever the speaker is proposing. Anyway the Brits are with us as I fully expected. If they were threatend we surely be with them as we are joine at the hip for better or worse as part of the English speaking people.

Re: as the worm turns

Sharon W on 3/18/03 at 18:35 (113371)

The French did not make an offer to do anything at all to help us in this war, the way I see it. Those were meaningless words. The French are convinced that Saddam won't use chemical or biological weapons against us -- and so am I.

If Saddam is smart (and I do give him credit for high intelligence - twisted and evil though his mind may be) then he will avoid using chemical or biological weapons under any circumstances. That would defeat his ultimate purpose -- it would prove that the US and Britain were right about his secret horde of forbidden weapons, and show the world how dangerous and deceptive he really is. That is the only thing (at this point) that might turn world opinions against him.

I do, however, think Saddam will use burning oil as a barrier and as a smoke shield against air attack. Probably at least some of the oil wells will be set on fire... After all, he did that last time as he left Kuwait and environmentalists seem to have forgiven and forgotten that assault on the world's environment after only a minimal protest.

I don't think Saddam is very concerned with how many of his citizens or ordinary soldiers are killed in this war. His continuing to build more and more opulent palaces while his people are struggling to get enough to eat is clear evidence of his lack of dedication to his people's welfare. But, I think he DOES want to be a major world power...

Since the decision for war has been made, at this point, our best hope is that our troops will somehow find Saddam and kill him before it's over.


Re: as the worm turns

wendyn on 3/18/03 at 20:03 (113382)

Then there is my government....I wonder if the splinters (from sitting on the fence) hurt?

Re: as the worm turns

BGCPed on 3/18/03 at 21:14 (113403)

Wendy that is just the Cretin being a little version of Chirac. I think pressure and the fact they dont want to bet against the biggest dog in the fight, they will both relent and change. I think it is a bit late and rather insincere. Canada is still our friend but France will take a hit for a long time