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some information, take it or leave it

Posted by BGCPed on 3/18/03 at 19:20 (113372)

THE WHITE HOUSE SITUATION ROOM was buzzing. It was fall 1998 and the National Security Council (NSC) and the 'intelligence community' were tracking the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, the shadowy mastermind of terrorist attacks on American targets overseas. 'They've successfully triangulated his location,' yelled a 'Sit Room' watch stander. 'We've got him.'

Beneath the West Wing of the White House, behind a vaulted steel door, the Sit Room staff sprang into action. The watch officer notified National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, 'Sir, we've located bin Laden. We have a two-hour window to strike.'

Characteristic of the Clinton administration, the weapons of choice would be Tomahawk missiles. No clandestine 'snatch' by our Special Operations Forces. No penetrating bombers or high-speed fighter aircraft flown by our Air Force and Navy forces. No risk of losing American lives.

Berger ambled down the stairwell and entered the Sit Room. He picked up the phone at one of the busy controller consoles and called the president. Amazingly, President Clinton was not available. Berger tried again and again. Bin Laden was within striking distance. The window of opportunity was closing fast. The plan of attack was set and the Tomahawk crews were ready. For about an hour Berger couldn't get the commander in chief on the line. Though the president was always accompanied by military aides and the Secret Service, he was somehow unavailable. Berger stalked the Sit Room, anxious and impatient.

Finally, the president accepted Berger's call. There was discussion, there were pauses and no decision. The president wanted to talk with his secretaries of defense and state. He wanted to study the issue further. Berger was forced to wait. The clock was ticking. The president eventually called back. He was still indecisive. He wanted more discussion. Berger alternated between phone calls and watching the clock.

The NSC watch officer was convinced we had the right target. The intelligence sources were conclusive. The president, however, wanted a guaranteed hit or nothing at all. This time, it was nothing at all. We didn't pull the trigger. We 'studied' the issue until it was too late the window of opportunity closed. Al-Qaeda's spiritual and organizational leader slipped through the noose.

The Clinton administration never responded decisively, even when given the opportunity, as it was obliged to do, with its own 'war against terrorism.' If we had a national interest in sending troops to Haiti and Rwanda, certainly the Clinton administration had an obligation in the name of our national security to deploy and use the military resources necessary to deal with al-Qaeda as its deadly presence became known and its declared war on America became public and costly. That it did not respond is a consequence for which the Clinton administration is, in my view, extremely culpable. By failing to answer the threat as it should have, the Clinton administration was guilty of gross negligence and dereliction of duty to the safety of our country, which the president was sworn to defend.


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Re: some information, take it or leave it

Dr. Z on 3/18/03 at 20:48 (113393)

So where was Willy and what was he doing Ha Ha

Re: some information, take it or leave it

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/18/03 at 20:49 (113394)

Where was Monica and what was she doing with Willy?

Re: some information, take it or leave it

BGCPed on 3/18/03 at 21:12 (113402)

I have a good friend that works for a brace company. His associate was the one that measured Clinton for a derotational brace when he had sp to repair quad tendon tear. If you recall he 'fell' at Greg Normans house.

It was a common item that he was plastered and trying to walk down some steps to meet a girl at 3 am that was in a guest house or something. Dont know if it is true but it was from 2 good sources and it does fit his m.o.

Re: some information, take it or leave it

Mason on 3/18/03 at 21:21 (113405)

You're right, in that 'common' is a good word to describe this story and the minds of people who stoop to repeat it when they don't know whether it's true.

Re: some information, take it or leave it

BGCPed on 3/18/03 at 23:16 (113427)

you mean like the ones that spoke of gwb cocaine and alcohol issues manymany years ago? I was not verified by the news media or hollywood actors but by a person that actually measured him for a brace. He also talked about the meeting when he measured him at the white house so i guess it is a bit credible.

Re: some information, take it or leave it

marie on 3/19/03 at 10:12 (113447)

YAWN....This is old news or is it an opinion.

Re: some information, take it or leave it

BGCPED on 3/19/03 at 13:38 (113483)

Marie what happened? I thought Dr Ed and I had you coming over to the dark side?

Re: some information, take it or leave it

marie on 3/19/03 at 15:56 (113516)

I like you guys alot but that doesn't mean I agree with all your politics. I respect President Bush but I didn't vote for him and it is likely I won't in the future. That doesn't make me a traitor it makes me a Democrat. I take each situation as it comes educate myself if it interests me and make my judgement there. The war in Iraq and 9/11 aren't the only issues I have an interest in. Right now we have a code orange issued by Homeland Security. The state I live in is to broke to do anything about it and it's been made clear that it won't if it goes to red. Homeland Security in itself is a brilliant idea...hats off to Bush on that one....but where is the money honey? I do read your posts and often I see glimpses of many items I agree with but that doesn't mean I am ready to jump on the neo-conservative band wagon.

later marie

Re: some information, take it or leave it

john h on 3/19/03 at 16:08 (113521)

Marie: I respect your right to vote as you please but it is two years away from an election and you already know you will vote 'against' President Bush? I am a Republican but have voted for Democrats and I would not make a judgement at this point as to who I will vote for 2 years from now. I do not even know who is running as a Democrat, what his policies are or even how Bush will do between now and then. There are some vast differences even among the current crop of Democrats who are running. Does any of that mak any difference to you?

Re: some information, take it or leave it

marie on 3/19/03 at 16:38 (113531)

It will take alot of changes for me to change my current feelings. I too have voted Republican and was one. We are looking at budget cuts across the nation in education....there is no money. If I am employed next year and all of the teachers in our state who are currently being laid off because we have no money are employed I may agree our president has done a good job. Oh but what do I hear.....a tax cut. Oh yeah that's going to bring big money to education. Not to many teachers are really happy right now. Mind you teachers have the largest professional association in the country so if Mr. Bush wants my vote he'll have to come up with some money to help states balance their budget, keep teachers employed, reduce class sizes, and encourage professional development.

Re: some information, take it or leave it

john h on 3/19/03 at 17:53 (113537)

Marie: you are doing what in fact most people and most countries do and that is do what you think is best for you. Countries mostly act in their own best interest.

Re: john would you help sharon lead a prayer for the troops?

marie on 3/19/03 at 19:01 (113554)


I will not be discussing politics with anyone on this board for the next 24 hours. I would instead like to spend this time thinking of ways to support our troops. I'm not dodging your comment but I think that the time has come to funnel all our nervous energy into something more positive. I have asked Sharon to start a prayer for our troops. If you would like to help her get started with this prayer or positive comment I'd appreciate it. I can't think of anyone better to lead this off then you and sharon. If you don't pray that's ok just make a comment of support. I think it would be safe to pray that Iraqi soldiers will have the courage to surrender. If you can't participate I understand.


Re: some information, take it or leave it

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/19/03 at 20:44 (113571)


I did not vote for President Bush either. I am a conservative but not a Republican. I have quite a few disagrements with the Republican Party.

President Bush has earned my trust and I would vote for him if an election was to be held today. There are many important issues to look at but certain issues are critical at certain times. Security and the war on terrorism are the issues that are now critical and I feel that President Bush is doing as good a job as can be expected in those areas.

Re: some information, take it or leave it

BGCPed on 3/19/03 at 21:29 (113585)

is it possible that maybe the nea and teachers need to maybe make some adjustments and demands on their leadership? the public money bag is not bottomless. we have a nasty situation going on in michigan now were a greedy bastard superintendent raped the public for his own gain.

look up dr. james redmon and oakland co. michigan and you will choke.

teachers are very important but they also need to realize the eco dynamics of real world.
marie you are a good person but this is just a suggestion, look it up

Re: some information, take it or leave it

marie on 3/20/03 at 07:43 (113618)

I will look up your superintendent in michigan. No politics today just prayers. We'll have our hands full today at school. It's been a long week of delays and cancellations. The kids who have loved ones in Kuwait will need us. That is were my focus will be.

Re: some information, take it or leave it

BGCPED on 3/20/03 at 10:59 (113633)

I can relate to that...good luck with the kids

Re: john would you help sharon lead a prayer for the troops?

john h on 3/20/03 at 11:41 (113641)

Marie: I heartly join you in not discussing any politics for the next 24 hours and you bet I say prayers every day for all men and women who are putting their lives on the line for us all. Watching TV it is surreal. Watch you can't see are the smells of war and the fear all feel. May what ever God you pray to if any say a prayer for all our people and all the uninvolved civilians.

Re: restructure for education

marie on 3/20/03 at 20:37 (113680)

I hope you understand that michigan is a nea island of their own. Most teachers in the country don't have the kind of salaries and benefits that michigan teachers have. Like I always say you get what you pay for. The biggest problem for school districts is health insurance. It's eating our budgets alive.

Couldn't find anything on dr redmon. I have a family member in politics near Detroit....school board member and I can get the scoop from them. Superintendent's are not members of the NEA. Administrators are not allowed to join. There are many administrators who are not competent to do the job. There is a shortage of principals and superintendents in the counrty. No one wnats the job. It's not alot of money for the hours and stress and they are very vulnerable to law suits. Michigan pays alot more than here just across the border. Our superintendent makes $83,000.00. Not a bad income but I wouldn't want it or the 3 heart attacks he has had.

Teacher's want simple things. Believe it or not we are the good guys. I spend at least $500. out of my pocket every year on my kids. My husband usually donates $100.00 of supplies to my classroom. I also support a $150.00 out of pocket for a county art scholarship. I have 13 years experience and make $38,000. I have passed the amount I earn yearly by writing grants. I give up my holidays to do this. Most teacher's are like myself. I am not an exception. And when necessary we have to put our jobs on the line to get the money that was targeted to kids. Can't talk about it. It's very political. A Vocational teacher in a neighboring school district had to hire a lawyer to get texts for his kids. Vocational money is specifically earmarked for that but the school officials wouldn't give it to him. That school district also lost $350,000. dollars..oops don'tknow were the money went. Money is juggled from one account to the next. Education needs to be revmaped from top to bottom. We are waiting for a real leader to emerge and give us something other than a nicely typed idea. We don't care what political party they belong too...we haven't seen it from anywhere. You're right restructuring is in order. The first thing politicians need to do is talk to the teachers. We're on the front lines. Get rid of local school boards. Set up a parent's and teacher's advisory board instead. A system that moniters administrators. Stop giving tax breaks to the rich....the tax cuts Bush has proposed for the rich would cover health insurance for every kid in this country who needs it. You see I don't mind paying a little more in tax if it means that kids have what they need for education, a civil defense program, good roads, welfare that covers those who need it the most, medication for the elderly, healthcare for those who don't have it, and social security. I don't just talk the talk I walk the walk. With the little I make I don't mind giving a little more to make our country the great nation that it is. It's time we all start making those sacrafices. Teacher's aren't getting rich at least not here. I love my job and my students. That's why I teach.

Now if you read all of this....thank a teacher.


Re: restructure for education

BGCPed on 3/20/03 at 23:01 (113701)

Think I typoed it is Redman not mon. I understand your points. This guy made base salary of about 170k. He had a $400 month slush abount that needed no receipts. He had free car and also got reimbursed for his fica and other taxes, which I thought was illegal?.
His total bennies were about 235,000k. He had is expense listed by the paper under foia and he blew money like a sailor. he had group meetings at nice resorts all the time and traveled almost every weekend. he spent about 1000k on angel stick pins and bout a few grand worth of gift cert at area mall for presents. There are also several 3k donations to certain groups.

he pushed a ballot that was not during the normal election at a cost of 130 k to ask for more money for special ed and vocational. The vote was promoted to supporters so it slipped by the general population. He re directed about 17 million to build a taj mahal hq for the education board. He also funneled about 8 mil to wire schools for cable access. the money was for spec ed. He got caught and said that spec ed kids use computers too.

He got the board to put a clause in his contract that he cant be fired for any reason. He was also doing business with pub money to a profit firm that his daughter worked for. He finall y got let go after tons of public pressure now he is going after school district for 2 mill damages for wrongful discharge. He said he did it for the children.