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4 weeks post op

Posted by Marty on 3/19/03 at 13:04 (113471)

Hi all!

I'm down to one crutch but can't doing any walking without it yet. Still a bit of swelling making it painful to walk much. I'm just going slow. I think I still have at least one maybe 2 weeks in this cast. I don't sleep with my foot elevated anymore so that's nice. Other foot is hanging in there.

I've been really busy at work so haven't had much time to post. So till next Wednesday all take care.


Re: 4 weeks post op

Sharon W on 3/19/03 at 17:27 (113534)

Good for you, Marty, keep 'listening to your feet'! I believe noone knows your feet better than YOU do, not even a podiatrist or foot & ankle ortho -- noone but you can learn to recognize how your feet normally feel and when they begin to feel better or worse...


Re: 4 weeks post op

marie on 3/19/03 at 19:05 (113556)

Oh Marty I am so glad you are doing well. Keep it up!!!!!! Don't rush things you have come this far a little more time won't hurt.