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SAS shoes are great

Posted by Cyndi T. on 3/20/03 at 23:10 (113703)

I've been suffering with heel pain for a few weeks now (marathon injury), and was wondering if I would ever be able to wear anything but running shoes. I discovered SAS shoes today, and it was such a relief to get into them. The soft footbed feels like I'm walking on sponges! They may not be for everyone, but I don't have high arches, so I don't need alot of support there. I purchased some Merrell's, but found that they have too much of an arch and had to return them.

Re: SAS shoes are great

Suzanne D on 3/21/03 at 20:07 (113829)

Hi, Cyndi! I'm glad the SAS shoes help you! I wear SAS Free Time shoes with Superfeet inserts. Before that, I wore Birkenstock, 3/4 length inserts in them. I wear either these or Birkenstock shoes to teach. Alternating seems to help. I am slowly but surely recovering from PF.

Which SAS shoes do you wear? I do think they are well-made shoes.

Suzanne :-)

Re: SAS shoes are great

Sue L. on 3/21/03 at 23:17 (113862)

To the 'other' Suzanne............where would I find this shoe? Is there anything that is a 'little' dressy? Sneakers just don't cut a social function!! Thanks.......Suzanne L.

Re: SAS shoes are great

Suzanne D on 3/22/03 at 09:29 (113875)

Hi, Suzanne! There is a Suzanne K who also posts here now and then. I've never known too many Suzannes in my life. :-)

I buy my SAS shoes at a locally owned family shoe business (not a chain) who stocks many different brands. You cannot find an internet site on SAS shoes. Try the yellow pages of your phone book for any listing. If you are in or near a large town or city, perhaps you can call some shoe stores to inquire. I know that when I visited Branson, Missouri with my high school daughter's choir last spring, there was an SAS shoe store in an outlet mall there, so there must be SAS stores to be found.

Yes, besides the supportive lace-up styles, there are 'mocassin-type' slip on shoes and also some styles of dressier, open-toed shoes with low heels. They would not accomodate orthotics but are well-made and basically comfortable shoes although not as supportive, of course, as their other shoes.

Good luck in finding some to try!

Suzanne :-)

Re: SAS shoes are great

Cyndi T. on 3/27/03 at 11:09 (114764)

So far I have two styles of sandals, the Huarache and the Trio II. (Other than those, I have been in my running shoes with gel heel supports) It is already warm here in Houston, so it feels good to have my toes out. I am going back to get the Tripad dress moc called Easier, so I will have something to wear with a suit. I also plan to get the dressier sandal called Twist. I have been having a sore right heel for four weeks now, but it is slowly getting better. (No heel spur). Running the marathon aggravated a condition that was already brewing. (I was experiencing some early symptoms of PF before the marathon but didn't know what it was) I will never ignore my feet again!