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Neuromuscular therapy results

Posted by lauriel on 3/21/03 at 10:25 (113726)

I tried neuromusclular therapy (trigger point therapy) last week with good reults.
Recap from my previous posts, had TTS surgery 3 months ago, first 1st month did really well in PT and overall improvement, After 2nd month of PT, felt I was at a wall with the achilles area, not any progress in getting more movement. stretching excecises were making it worse. Not to mention the shoe problem that made things worse with mild case of tendonitis in ankle and causing problems with other foot that I still have.

To be honest I was quite scared this was going to flare things up, but I was used to this with other things I have tried so what the heck. Like I said, my achilles tendon area has been so tight. Dr. says it just takes time but PT thinks I should have more movement by now. Also at the bottom of my incision, an area the size of a nickel had been swollen, puffy and blue since the surgery. She worked on my foot and calf area for an hour. At one point she was sqeezing my big toe and it felt like pin pricks about a 1/3 up my calf. very freaky!
The next morning I woke up with a lot more movement in the achilles area and no soreness! Also the incision area that had been swollen was gone, absolutley no puffiness and the bluish color was gone! I cant get in for another appt for a week and a half. I am thinking is this too much of a good thing and leave it alone or go to my next appt.

Re: Neuromuscular therapy results

Sharon W on 3/21/03 at 13:43 (113752)


Considering the good results you've had so far (congratulations on that!) I would definitely show up for the next appointment. Of course, it's true you haven't really established a trusting relationship yet with the neuromuscular therapist, after only one appointment -- but, so far you have no reason NOT to trust her... And if she thinks you need to go back for another session, or several more, she probably knows what she's talking about.


Re: Neuromuscular therapy results

lauriel on 3/21/03 at 14:46 (113767)

Sharon She is actually in my building and I have been saying hi to her in passing for a year. I thought she did just regular massage, but got to talking to her a few weeks ago and she told me what she did. hopefully its a good sign she is good since she is booked solid for 2 weeks.

Will keep yo posted