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Anyone else have inner ankles sore?

Posted by Mahatmelissama on 3/21/03 at 13:14 (113748)

I have inner ankles to inner arch sore more than heel. My left foot (the worse PF one) has more soreness in the part directly below the toes.

I wonder if anyone else has PF like this.

I wake up a lot with muscle spams in leg that stop when after I get up. If I am not lucky, then I get a leg cramp.

I can not wear the night splint things (I get charely horses in them) so I just keep wearing my SDOs, taking various pain relievers, using various ointments. I still have massage therapy once a month and also see a Chriropractor once a week. I am getting better but so so so slowly.

My symptons to me are weird, inner ankle and inner arch pain more than anything.

Still working on that weight loss...I have a feeling that is going to help a lot.

Re: Anyone else have inner ankles sore?

Pauline on 3/21/03 at 14:31 (113763)

Has this been the case all along? You didn't mention any orthotics. Are you using them? Is so how long have you had them?

Re: Anyone else have inner ankles sore?

Mahatmelissama on 3/21/03 at 14:54 (113770)

'so I just keep wearing my SDOs' is me mentioning my Silicon Dynamic Orthotics (shown on the front page of heelsprus.com). ;)

I have worn orthotics since January 2002, but started wearing SDO ones July 2003. That is when I really started getting better. I lost 15 lbs from 09/01 to 03/02...then another 20 lbs. (SLOW!) This has helped me tremondously too.

I can now stand in the shower and shop for food in SMALL grocery lines (I go to an Albertsons at night that is in a poorer section of town and has short lines). I also can take some walks now and dance a little.

I don't get pain waking me up anymore in the middle of the night. I did however get a set back when I flew to Iowa and back. All that sitting then standing lone periods of time jacked me up again.

Recovery is so darn slow! I just wonder if anyone has symptons like me! I only have very minimal pain in heel...most of mine is in the inner ankle and arch area. I wish this is only due to me being overweight (since then losing weight will correct it) but I fear it is a long long road to recovery.

BTW, I am working on my PF Sucess page. Drafting up what it looks like for my geek friend to implement. I will need to then ask people for submissions to it. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN that I said I was going to do that.
I can not believe it has not been done yet (except for adverts showing 'this product works'). I guess I am the one to do it. ;)

Re: Anyone else have inner ankles sore?

marie on 3/21/03 at 15:45 (113785)

I have PF and TTS. I have muscle spasms in my legs, cramping tight muscles, numbness etc... I was dx with Fibromyalgea. It seems that sometimes folks with chronic pain develop fibro. I did all you are doing but it wasn't until I started on a small dose of Elavil that my symptoms improved. It's really worked.


Re: Anyone else have inner ankles sore?

Pauline on 3/21/03 at 16:32 (113789)

Well here is one idea. Since there has been some improvement and you've lost weight, maybe you need an adjustment in the amount of fluid in your orthotics.

Have you check with Dr. Kipper about that? I can't remember fully, but I thought there might have been a post some time ago about someone who also used the SDO's and felt they didn't provide enough support on that inner part of the foot.

You could do a search or perhaps that person will see your post and reply.

Maybe a simple orthotic adjustment is all you need because of the changes that have taken place.

Re: Anyone else have inner ankles sore?

Kathy G on 3/21/03 at 18:37 (113810)


The inside of my ankles are frequently sore and I always suffer more from burning arches than heel pain. My POD tells me that it's still PF. Everyone is different. I, for example, have little morning pain. My pain gets worse as the day goes on. And some days the muscle spasm in my calf is really bad; other days it's not there at all.

A suggestion about shopping. Our local supermarket supersized (when my feet are bad, I don't shop there, too big) but one nice thing they offer are self-checkouts. Most people don't want to use them so there is seldom a line at them. I don't have to stand in line and standing is one of the worst things for me. And I love being able to pack my own bags to the weight I want them. Maybe you have a store in your area that offers that?

Congratulations on the weight loss. That's just wonderful! Losing fifteen and keeping it off is one thing but to add to it is great. Stay patient. This is not a condition that goes away fast but for most, it does go away or at least become liveable. Keep on truckin'!

Re: you n me chick~!

carmen on 3/21/03 at 19:40 (113825)

Yes..I have sore inner ankles...like tendonitist no tinels sign all normal NCV tests etc.
I have the same symptoms...the SDO's are still the only reason I am walking comfortably today.
I weigh 128 at 5 foot 7' so I am not sure if losing weight will fix it..but it may help relieve the discomfort.
Keep me posted....

Re: you n me chick~!

Carole C in NOLA on 3/21/03 at 22:22 (113845)

Carmen and Mahatmelissama,

That's interesting that both of you wear SDOs and both of you have sore inner ankles. I don't have a clue why that could be or if it means anything.

You know, one thing I've noticed with PF (and you probably have too) is that things that work really well for a while sometimes have to be adjusted or alternated with something else. PF feet just seem to need variety. So maybe that idea of adjusting them is good, or maybe it is time to try some other shoes or orthotics for a while, just to provide some variety. Just a thought.

Carole C

Re: Anyone else have inner ankles sore?

monte on 3/22/03 at 09:39 (113877)

I have pains in my inner ankels too and the arches. Plus there is that burning type of pain in the there. The heel pain is minimal due to ESWT, but when it all acts up, it all hurts. I had to stop wearing my orthotics again since they press up on the arches. I am trying to stick to OTC supports with cushion. I tape everyday too.

The left inner ankle sometimes feels like a spike is being driven into to it from the floor. Then it stops.

If I press on my ankles, I can find the pain. It also goes up my shins a bit.

I have been told it is just PF. No tinels sign and negative EMG. But is feel a buzzing sometimes in the foot.

This is all so weird and frustrating.
Good luck to all of us.

Re: you n me chick~!

carmen on 3/22/03 at 18:18 (113924)

I had the sore ankles before the SDO's..they were worse before I got them.
Now I am fine 95% of the time.

Re: Anyone else have inner ankles sore?

carmen on 3/22/03 at 19:18 (113935)

Hi Monte~

How have you been? Your symptoms sound like TTS with the buzzing and finding the pain in the ankles...going up the shins.
When is the last time you got tested for nerve symptoms?

Re: My inner ankles get sore

Ellen J on 3/22/03 at 19:23 (113937)

I get sore inner ankles, depending on the particular day. The sore spot is about 1' to 1 1/2' below the ankle bone in the soft area. I also get a sore arch and almost never get heel pain. I don't have morning pain at all--although I used to have morning pain when I first got PF. 3.5 yrs ago. I have not quite figured out what particular thing causes the pain below the ankle but I'm working on trying to figure it out. I don't have it constantly anymore, just once in awhile now, and I usually get arch pain along with it.
If I figure out what specific activity causes inner ankle pain I'll post my findings.
Ellen J.

Re: My inner ankles get sore

Rosemary on 3/22/03 at 19:55 (113938)

So glad I stumbled onto this particular posting. I have PF in both feet, heel pain and some days my ankles and lower part of the leg (achilles) is so achy I just have to stop what I am doing and rest. As far as which are the right inserts, I am still experiementing, but I will try the ones mentioned here since it seems to have helped so many of you. This sore ankle and leg thing is so frustrating, it always seems like at least one part of the foot is always acting up.

Re: Anyone else have inner ankles sore?

monte on 3/23/03 at 08:28 (113968)

hi carmen....miss you.

dr z believes it is just PF. I had a EMG test about 1 1/2 years ago and it was negative. The ankle is not in constant pain, but it will always hurt if pressed. My shins hurt on the side. Dr Z thought shin splints. It could be from orthotics and then taking them out. I don't know.

Can icing and stretching still help this?

Re: Anyone else have inner ankles sore?

carmen on 3/23/03 at 08:40 (113971)

I don't know....I think I would ask for another test for nerve problems.
It's been long enough....
I don't think your shin should hurt for that long of period of time if it is just shin splints. Shin splints go away.....But i am not a doctor.
How are you and how's the new job?

Re: My inner ankles get sore

Kathy G on 3/23/03 at 10:15 (113978)

Rosemary and others,

For what it's worth, I just went to my POD on Friday and he said the inner ankle pain as well as the shin and calf pain is all part of PF. He does think I suffer from an undue amount of inflammation (in my feet and elsewhere) which he once again said would indicate Rheumatoid Arthritis but since two tests have been negative, he has to believe I have Fibromyalgia.

And in answer to whoever asked, I do find that standing on my tilt board does help the pain in my shins and calf. And I do Julie's stretches a couple of times a days. My husband often massages my legs and feet for me and it feels wonderful! Bless him.

Rosemary, to save you some time, I am posting Julie's stretches, as we call them here, so that you don't have to do a search. Julie is a wonderful lady from England who is a Yoga instructor who suffered from PF. Her stretches have helped countless posters and I find them so helpful that I do them everyday before I put on my shoes but find myself unconsciously doing them at odd times.

Hope you find them to be helpful and my thanks to Sharon, whose post I cut and pasted!

don't know if this will be helpful to you or not, but a lovely lady named Julie, who is a yoga instructor, has posted these 'Yoga foot exercises' to help those with plantar facaetis, and they really DO help. I suggest taking it VERY easy, as first, slowly building up the number of times you do these exercises and in any case do NOT do anything that causes a lot of pain.

Here are Julie's 'Yoga foot exercises' (I copied and pasted them from a recent post):

These are simple yoga exercises for the feet. They're part of a series for all the joints called Pawanmuktasana. That means 'energy-releasing exercises', and they release energy by speeding the removal of toxins from the joints. They work systematically and precisely on the joints and on their associated muscles, tendons and ligaments. They can be done sitting on the floor with the legs outstretched (a difficult position to hold, especially for people with low back problems), or lying down, or sitting in a chair, or standing on alternate legs (a non-no for folks with PF). Sitting in a chair and lying down are best.

These exercises can be helpful in cases of plantar fasciitis in several ways.

1. They improve circulation generally. In particular they increase blood flow to the areas being worked on, which promotes healing.

2. They gently stretch the calf muscles and achilles tendons, which in time reduces the strain on the PF.

3. They strengthen the entire musculature of the feet and ankles.

4. They improve range of motion, and help to avoid losing it during the 'down time' of decreased activity.


This one works the toe joints (all 28 of them) while holding a gentle stretch through the achilles tendons and calf muscles; and works the entire musculature of the feet.

Extend one heel forward and hold this gentle stretch while working on your toes.

Curl your toes forward, as if making fists of your feet. (Don't do this so enthusiastically that you give yourself a cramp.)

Then stretch the toes and spread them: make spaces between them.

Do this nine times, breathing out as you curl the toes, and breathing in as you stretch them.

Repeat with the other foot, then with both feet.


This one works on the ankle joints and on the achilles/soleus/ gastrocnemuis complex. It helps to increase ankle dorsiflexion, the essential thing for PF-ers who are generally tight in this area.

Bend the feet forwards at the ankles, and then bend them back, one at a time, then together.

Do each nine times on each foot, then both feet, breathing out as you bend forwards, in as you bend back.


Circle the feet at the ankles, slowly and carefully, nine times in each direction, first one foot, then the other, then both. Breathe freely.


If you co-ordinate your movements with your breath it increases their effectiveness because it (a) slows you down and (b) makes you more aware of what you're doing.

I've practised and taught these exercises for many years. They are effective and powerful, and useful for people with PF because they're both non- weight-bearing and specific. And they're very energizing.

I do them in the morning before I get out of bed, and would recommend this to anyone with PF to help avoid the 'first step' pain.

They can be done as many times a day as you like: the more the better. It's good to do them before getting up after sitting for awhile.

I hope you will find these exercises helpful.

All the best for your healing.

Re: one more thought re; my experience

Ellen J on 3/23/03 at 10:48 (113984)

Hi Rosemary and Kathy,
Thanks for your notes on this subject. I thought I should add one more important thing I have discovered that has helped me more than just about anything: Some people are helped/cured by using orthotics with plenty of arch support. On the other hand, I discovered that too much arch support really messes up my feet bigtime. It took me a very long time to figure this out because I was following the advice (from doctors and elsewhere) that suggests wearing strong arch supports. Whenever I would wear any shoe that either had a curved footbed (such as what you see in shoes with heels) or athletic shoes, which have strong arch support, my feet would be more sore the next day. Take what I say with caution, though, and decide for yourself what your feet really need by careful experimentation. It turns out that what my particular feet want is a shoe with a flat, cushioned footbed containing a soft orthotic that has very gentle arch support. If anyone has slightly flat feet like mine that appear to do best in this type of shoe, you might want to look at the profile of a new shoe and see if there is any curve to it, which I've found is bad for me. Of course, any shoe with a heel will have more curve to the arch area, and that seems to simulate exaggerated arch support which hurts my feet.
I finally found one other pair of shoes that I can wear for the first time in 3 yrs. They are Topo Moc Pro by Merrell in black leather. Stock # 60132, in case anyone wants to try on a pair. I don't even need my orthotics in them--they are perfect as they are.
It is very exciting to actually wear a new pair of shoes that have not hurt my feet! Finally!
Ellen J.

Re: Anyone else have inner ankles sore?

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/23/03 at 12:19 (113998)


Inner ankle pain can be common with PF. It is often associated with excess pronation. Get in contact with Dr. Kiper and find out how to get more of the silicone fluid into the medial chamber.

Re: My inner ankles get sore

Rosemary on 3/24/03 at 13:32 (114239)

kathy, I was at work when I read your posting, immediately put into effect the exercises. Got up from desk and................almost no pain. Thanks, this will help me so much at work.

Re: My inner ankles get sore

john h on 3/24/03 at 15:09 (114264)

when you have PF you often change your gate unconcously. When you change the way you walk you can easily develop ankle pain. You may tend to walk in such a way to lessen your pain but may not be good for your foot structure.

Re: Trying a higher Rx

Mahatmelissama on 3/24/03 at 15:37 (114277)

I will let you all know how it goes. Dr. Kiper is sending out some higher Rx for me to try.

Re: My inner ankles get sore

Ellen J on 3/24/03 at 17:50 (114299)

I think you are right. I have noticed that my inner ankle hurts when I have been walking on the outer edge of my feet more, in order to try not to pronate. I think I do it mostly unconciously, as you stated.
I will keep what you said in mind and try to relax and not alter my natural gait.

Re: My inner ankles get sore

Suzanne D on 3/25/03 at 16:15 (114528)

Yes, Ellen, I remember catching myself doing the same thing: walking on the outer edge of my feet more, trying to avoid the arch pain. I had to make a consious effort not to do that, and it did seem to help.

Good luck!
Suzanne :-)