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fifth week progress report - post ESWT

Posted by Rosemary on 3/21/03 at 13:21 (113750)

Felt much better last week (fourth week) than this week. The difference has been my activity level, went back to work which does put additional stress - just walking to office, walking during the day, driving etc. Then return home and take care of family and children responsibilities.
Today, my feet are throbbbing and ache all over. Even had more heel pain yesterday and today. I can't help but think that if I broke my arm, or pulled ligaments or injured another part of my body, putting any type of pressure on the injured area would be discouraged. I still wonder if a certain number of weeks reducing activity by at least 50% would really aid in healing. My plan next week is to attempt to reduce time on feet by half.

Re: fifth week progress report - post ESWT

JenL on 3/21/03 at 14:55 (113771)

Hi Rosemary,
Sorry to hear that your heel pain is not further reduced this week. What kind of job do you do? I mean do you have to walk a lot during the day?
I also wondered how much rest we have to force ourselves to get in order to have a recovery as fast as possible.
If other part of the body was injured we usually refrain from using it at all for a period of time, and casting is one of the ways I guess. But we do not stop using feet altogether so long as we can still manage. Some experienced people suggest we better give the feet as much rest as possible. I really tried it for months but my feet do not get much better. And as I found being a couch potato every evening can sometimes increase the swelling/pain to say the least.
I noticed some heel pain sufferers did not have relief after being in cast for several weeks. The foot becomes weaker and that would further aggravates the condition. Dr. Man once suggested you should use your feet post-ESWT to stimulate the heeling mechanism but not over do it.
I guess we need to make sure the blood circulation to the feet is good, and at same time keep using feet to the minimum.
Then what is the best activity level, if lying in bed every day is no good? It's another thing we have to test and tell listening to how the foot feels?
Good luck to your heeling.

Re: fifth week progress report - post ESWT

Rosemary on 3/21/03 at 18:43 (113811)

Hi Jen,
My job actually involves a great deal of sitting (psychotherapy practice and psychiaric consultant for a university). The problem is that I work in three different offices, which involves driving, walking, finding parking spots, and responding to emergencies on a large campus. I agree with you and Dr.Man, complete bedrest is absolutely not the answer. I guess when I was home I had the freedom to rest, get up, stretch, ice, heat- whenever my body needed it. This past week my time was not really my own. I really think this is the type of condition that not only requires us to closely listen to our bodies, but then to respond to what we are hearing. I returned to work thinking that as soon as it was too much, I would call it quits for the day or the next day. I did not do what I promised myself I would do. My feet began to protest on Wednesday, should have cancelled Wed. eve. and Thursday. Thought I could make it through one more day. Hopefully this set back will be short. Did you have this treatment done also? How are you progressing?

Re: fifth week progress report - post ESWT

Helen G. on 3/24/03 at 01:04 (114121)

This is all such discouraging news. I am new to all of this despite chronic pain for 2 weeks. Just got put on disability. I am supposed to have the procedure done, but it sounds to me like you are at the same place as you were before the surgery?

Re: fifth week progress report - post ESWT

JenL on 3/24/03 at 09:27 (114156)

I did not have the eswt treatment simply because my doctor did not think my condition is a typical PF. I am still trying my best to make some improvement happen by gentle massage at home. I have tried all the other conservative treatments including physical therapy, ionto, acupuncture ...and nothing worked well. I wish I could be qualified on next docotor visit for ESWT no matter the insurance covers or not.
I don't know if you could arrange your trips between different offices to reduce amount of walking you have to do. This is what I try to do at home and office, althogh it's on a smaller scale, but I try to do several things on one trip when I have to get up and move somewhere.
Take care and feel better.

Re: fifth week progress report - post ESWT- resp.to Helen

Rosemary on 3/24/03 at 13:14 (114234)

Oh I hope that my experience will not discourage you. Go into the treatment positive. Don't forget, I am only in the fifth week post treatment and all of the doctors will tell you it is really too early to make a determination.
I know my situation sounds bad, but I never posted what it was like before. I could not walk without Vioxx every day - I now do not use any anti inflammatories, just tylenol on occasion. During my worst period, I had pain all over my foot, up the leg everywhere seemed to be so inflamed that I did not know where anything was coming from. I have not experienced anything like that since. When I do get uncomfortable to the degree where I feel like I cannot take another step, if I intervene and do whatever it takes to make it subside, my foot responds after a few hours - before it was not responding to anything. So, looking at the big picture I am not prepared to say the ESWT has not worked. Nor would I discount the possibility of doing it again (see posting re: patient who is now 'cured' and went through the treatment 11 times. ) Also, I have had this condition (in a much less severe form) for almost 10 years. If I had taken it seriously then, I do believe I would not be in this position now.
Also so many have had very quick positive results. My advice pre ESWT - read their postings and have hope!