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foot (mostly heel pain) after running & first thing in the morning

Posted by Crystal T. on 3/21/03 at 13:54 (113755)

I just completed a 7 year term in the Army in which I ran almost every day. Throughout the years (especially the past two or three) I have noticed every morning when I get out of bed, it is really painful for me to walk for a few minutes (even if I rub the bottoms of my feet & heels). For at least one full day after running, my left heel in particular is almost too painful to walk on. I have tried taking Ibuprofin and elevating it with ice in the evenings without a change in the pain level. If I hold off on running and do some other non-impact exercise while the pain is still there, the pain will go away or minimize within a day or two....then once I run again, it hurts again. I am not a tiny person but I am not obese or anything, so I am not sure if weight is a big factor??? I am in really good shape...very muscular. What should I do?

Re: foot (mostly heel pain) after running & first thing in the morning

Dr. Z on 3/21/03 at 14:23 (113760)


It sounds like classic plantar fasciitis. Can you stop the running because this is a major contribution to your pain. The foot is injured and needs rest. Taping is an excellent treatment modility. IF no relief after taping, rest, and oral nsaid then it is time for a visit to the doctor