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Thorlo socks

Posted by Sherry on 3/21/03 at 20:23 (113830)

Have any of you ever tried a sock called Thorlo ??
When you see them you will know why they are good for anyone
with a foot problem. They can be found in any shoe store( I am in the south) so I am not sure about the Northern areas..They are kind of expensive the first pair I bought were 12.00 ..I work for SAS shoe company and to my surprise we sell them for 5 bucks lol didnt realize it until i bought 2 pair for 24 dollars lol ..you wont realize how much they help until you were them and then try to were another type of sock.
It doesnt solve your problem but it sure makes it a bit less painful to walk...And I also have tried the New Balance shoes cant wear them I think i have wore Nike too long ..but I did however bought a pair that have the air pockets in the heel that you can see...man it really absorbs the sock of your foot hitting the floor...just somethings that work for me