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Ossatron treatment for plantar fascitis

Posted by Esther C. on 3/21/03 at 23:13 (113861)

I would like to have some information about the recovery period and limitations one needs to know if they have this ossatron-esw treatment done. This process has been suggested to me as my condition does not get any better after having had orthodicts and quite a few sessions of physical therapy.

Re: Ossatron treatment for plantar fascitis

Dr. Z on 3/22/03 at 07:40 (113870)

I would type in the word ossatron in the search engine for alot of information about ossastron and or ESWT. Recovery usually takes place rigth from the start with pain reduction over a sixteen week period. Limitation is no sports and or high impact activity. What has your doctor told you so far?