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Physical Therapy results. blunt trama to the heel.

Posted by Ted on 3/23/03 at 08:34 (113969)

I hit the side of my heel in a fall during Tae Kwon Do practice. 7 months later I was still in pain and there was a lump in the bottom of my heel. It felt like I was standing on a lump in the floor. The X-ray and MIR were negative. It's been narrowed down to nerve injury. The lump formed around the area of the nerve. For the first 6 months I walked and practiced putting my weight on the outer part of my foot. This caused tremendous pain in the bottom of my foot. In the 7th month I started to put weight on the lump and it is going away. The PT messages are directed in the area of the injury and the hardened area is getting softer. The healing process is causing a burning sensation down the bottom of my foot, but the pain is slowly decreasing.