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drs, question about my orthotics

Posted by Mary Y on 3/24/03 at 03:55 (114137)


I have been wearing custom made orthotics for ten days and have no improvement. I still have symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome. My ankle hurts more than my arches do. My podiatrist (I don't plan on going back to him) had gone on vacation on the day that I received them. Approx, how long does it take to feel the effects of the orthoses?

Thank you very much for all of your help!!

Re: drs, question about my orthotics

Pauline on 3/24/03 at 08:44 (114148)

My advice and I'm no doctor is not to throw your Pod away just yet.

You may need some adjustments on those orthotics and he's the man to do it. Set up another appointment and go back for adjustments to see it that will help with the pain caused by your orthotics.

Some people do well with them others post that they cannot wear their's without severe pain. Like you they report more pain with than without.

Don't burn your bridges with that Pod until you've worn out your welcome with those orthotics. Who knows you might even get some of your money back should they not work out.

In the mean time, if they are causing you great pain remove them until the man returns from vacation. Hopefully he'll return in a week or two.

Re: drs, question about my orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 3/24/03 at 12:29 (114230)

Hi Mary...
Basically, ten days is not long at all in the scheme of things. I have had people take up to six months for either the symptoms to go away or for a total healing. Everyone is different. I dont know if you slowly started wearing them, such as 30 to 60 minutes the first day, and slowly incresing time each day.

It is possible that your ankles and feet are still getting used to the support...remember, this is all new to them. They are not used to being held in a certain position. Fatigue and feeling achy is a part of the process.

Give it a couple more weeks. Maybe back off the time you are wearing them. Then let us know how you are feeling.

Re: drs, question about my orthotics

Mary Y on 3/24/03 at 23:59 (114396)


Thanks for the advice.

My orthoses are not causing me any pain. They are actually comfortable. It is just that I am noticing no change in my symptoms.

Overall, my podiatrist said that he didn't really know how to help me. Therefore, my family doctor wants me to see an orthopedist who has completed a fellowship in the foot and ankle.

I will, however, give the orthoses more time.

Thanks for all opinions.

Re: drs, question about my orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 3/25/03 at 08:04 (114411)

I think I would still give it a couple more weeks too. Then...if you feel like you need to see an orthopedist, check with all that you can find. See how much they know about your condition. See if you can get this done with each as an 'interview' for their services..basically...a free first visit. Can't hurt to ask.

If you want, write down the jist of what each says, then let us know here. We will be glad to help you in any way we can.

Re: drs, question about my orthotics

Mary Y on 3/26/03 at 01:15 (114619)


There is only one orthopedist that has done a fellowship in the foot and ankle where I live. I am in Hawaii. So, I have the name of the orthopod that I would like to see. He has been recommended by every professional that I have spoken too. I have interviewed many podiatrists, two physiatrists, and several physical therapists about my tts.

Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate your offer to give input on my visits!!

P.S. Does everyone with tarsal tunnel Syndrome need orthoses? Does the need for orthoses depend on whether or not the person with tts, has a high arch or low arch?

Thanks again!!

Re: drs, question about my orthotics

Dr. Z on 3/26/03 at 07:16 (114627)

If there is excessive pronation or calcaneal eversion then orthosis may be indicated. It have nothing to do with arch height and everything to do with the proper mechanic and the way you foot and lower extremity work during the gait cycle. Mostt TTS is from an original injury

Re: drs, question about my orthotics

Lara t on 3/26/03 at 09:51 (114645)

I have tarsal tunnel. Before being diagnosd with TTS I was given orthotics. I would say they slowed (but did not reverse) the progession of symptoms. I then went to another pod who diagnosed TTS and confirmed with an NCV test. He gave me compression socks. They helped alot more. They didn't return my feet to normal but did reverse the discomfort for awhile, which stabilized at a level that I notice but doesn't bother me if I don't do too much (no tennis, but enough steps in most days to do the laundry, grocery, etc.), even 1/2 hour of exercise if not too hard on the feet) After awhile I quite using the orthotics cuz it was a pain to keep transferring them, and I haven't noticed the difference. Since then I've discovered DANSKO clogs and I think they and compression socks do fine, and the orthotics add nothing (I'm not even sure if orthotics can go in Dansko clogs).

I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure I have a lot arch. IN the process of seeing many doctors to diagnosis, physical therapists, I think I kept hearing people ponder flat feet - although I don't think my arches were that flat.

Re: drs, question about my orthotics

Mary Y on 3/27/03 at 23:04 (114802)


Thank you Dr. Z for your response.

Lara, thank you for sharing your situation with me. Where did you get Dansko clogs? Are they sold at Birkenstock stores? I think I will ask about the compression socks.

Thanks everyone!