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A funny thing about hawks.

Posted by marie on 3/24/03 at 14:48 (114253)

No pun intended. We were out at the cabin opening it up for the summer. When we first bought the place we had a pair of hawks nesting in a tree in the corner of the lot. They are a majestic and beautiful bird. They own the sky. I loved watching them swoop down and into the nest. The only problem was that we didn't have any other birds around....absolutely none. Can't blame them I wouldn't want to live near a hawks nest if I was a sparrow. Our presence must have spooked the hawks a bit because they abandoned their nest. The little birds returned. The only thing was I was sad that I couldn't watch the pair of hawks anymore. Today I see the hawks have returned only this time they're about 50 yards behind our property. Now I have the best of both worlds. The hawks have their space, I have mine, and the little birds are happy.

Now we have a fox. I've never seen one that close. He is a beauty. I wondered who was digging under our neighbors mini barn. I was worried it may be a skunk or a badger. Thank goodness. I can handle a fox in the barn.


Re: A funny thing about hawks.

Sharon W on 3/24/03 at 14:58 (114259)


Your cabin sounds absolutely lovely! And your description of it is so vivid that I can almost imagine myself sitting there, looking out the window...

When we lived in Chile, one of my favorite things to do was go to the edge of our property and watch the hawks fly up in the sky (the edge of our property overlooked a small canyon in its natural state). Usually I could only see their silhouettes against the blue or the sky, but occasionally they flew down low enough that I could see them very clearly indeed! They were beautiful...

There were also two condors that visited the canyon occasionally, flying even higher overhead. The condors' wings are distinctive enough that it is easy to tell the difference. Once, a condor flew down low enough that I could see it very clearly. That was a little scary, though, because a condor is really big, big enough to carry off a dog or a small child! They really are not that pretty close up, but I could spend forever watching a condor's graceful flight against the clear blue sky.


Re: A funny thing about hawks.

Kathy G on 3/24/03 at 17:24 (114289)

My husband belongs to a golf club nearby. There are a couple of hawks living there and he says it's fascinating to watch them. He's seen one pounce on a chipmunk far below and just whisk him away. Talk about having 'eyes like a hawk'. They are spectacular in flight but if I had a cat, I'd be worried about having them nearby.

The only place I've seen a condor is in the zoo!

Sharon, maybe you have mentioned it before and I missed it, but when did you live in Chile? For how long? Have you lived other places?

Re: A funny thing about hawks.

Sharon W on 3/24/03 at 17:25 (114290)

No, just in La Serena, Chile -- for 15 years.


Re: A funny thing about hawks.

marie on 3/24/03 at 18:30 (114312)


Condors, I bet you were nervous having one swoop down close. We have a variety of interesting birds that summer here. Blue Herrons, Storks, Cranes.....we have several Sand Cranes in the area. The first time I saw one I had no clue what it was. They are tall almost emu like and very rare. The only problemis they like to nest around golf courses. The golfers are patient with them. Sand Cranes love to take long family walks. It's pretty neat to see Mom, Dad, and Junior out for a stroll on the golf course. We know spring is soon when the sea gulls arive. Since we have 101 natural lakes we get sea gulls. It's kinda weird cause I usually associate them with the beach not Indiana.

Yeah we love the cabin....it's actually a park model with a huge porch. We aren't exactly roughing it with central air, microwave, and two tvs. We have a computer out there but I won't let it get hooked up to the internet. John will be glad it is an old MAC Classic. It's 13 years old and runs like a top. If I am not working next fall we will probably rent it out weekly. This is a resort community lots of vacationers in the summer.

We're a resort community in the summer and college town in the winter. One of the best engineering colleges in the country is about a mile away. As you can imagine it becomes a pretty international community. We had a mausq (not sure how it's spelled) but someone torched it. Discrimnation stinks. The Arab community has rebuilt it and many locals pitched in. So there are good folks that live here.

Are there any other bird watchers out there? I loveto watch them but I am no expert.

Re: A funny thing about hawks.

john h on 3/24/03 at 18:31 (114313)

Kathy: I am becoming paranoid. I read your first two sentences about a couple of 'hawks' living near you and my first thought was she is after me. I had a hawk in my back yard a few weeks ago on the ground. I doubt they would ever take on a cat but I had some concern about my cats in the back yard.

Re: A funny thing about hawks.

marie on 3/24/03 at 18:53 (114323)

Don't worry I won't name any hawks after you. I have heard of eagles taking cats but not hawks. We get a few bald eagles about right now. Some nest on one of the lakes. There is at least one pair near our cabin but not sure exactly were they are nesting. We did have a hawk go after one of our cocker spaniel puppies. I had to shooo it off.

Re: A funny thing about hawks.

Steve P on 3/24/03 at 19:26 (114336)

John -- I thought the same thing!


Re: A funny thing about hawks.

marie on 3/24/03 at 19:33 (114341)

Nope just bird watching.

Re: A funny thing about hawks.

Kathy G on 3/25/03 at 08:55 (114415)

Me, too! I almost didn't read the initial post because I thought it was more about the war! We may have to start coding our subject lines as Re: war or Re: not war! No that sounds wrong,too. Maybe Re: political and Re: Non-political.

Anyway, it amazes me you have seagulls around a lake in Indiana, Marie!

Re: A funny thing about hawks.

pala on 3/25/03 at 09:01 (114416)

i think it is very important that those on the committee are people who never attacked or insulted others.

Re: A funny thing about hawks.

pala on 3/25/03 at 09:06 (114419)

i never can remember an attack or an insult to any one here by wendyn, by suzanne, by marie. these folks, in my opinion, would be very fair and i think palatable to everyone. what do others think? i

Re: I birdwatch ok...not war talk

marie on 3/25/03 at 09:34 (114430)

I'm on my way back out to the woods.........hope to see some of my feathered freinds have returned.

I'm glad the hawks have returned but are keeping enough distance as not to scare off the little birds. This is for real and not political. LOL