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heel pain help

Posted by prithvi on 3/25/03 at 12:33 (114491)

I was told by one podiarist that I have planter fascia and was told to heeled shoe all be it soft impact shoe. Recently I visited another podiarist who said that I should wear arch support and was told not to wear high heels and in fact wear flat shoe ( which the other doctor specially prohibited). The result a confused patient and I am not sure whom I can believe. Can you please help. Some background:

I have flat foot, my left heel aches at the heel, I also noticed the in the x-ray the bone spur on the left heel. I do a lot of outdoor activities such as backpacking, climbing and biking.

thanks for your help

Re: heel pain help

Dr. Z on 3/26/03 at 00:45 (114614)


Wearing an arch support is helpful. Taping, nsaid, stretching and a multitude of other supporting treatments are needed. Read the heel pain book this is a great primer on heel pain

Re: heel pain help

Judy on 3/27/03 at 18:35 (114793)

I have pain in what I think is my Akillie's heel, some days it feels like fire going up the heel. I have lost my job and there for no medical insurance for the moment...I start a new job in two weeks after being unempoyed for clse for a year. The pain has been there for close to 8 months. I wear an ace bandage close to 12 hrs a day. I have just started putting heat on it for twenty min out of every hr for like 4 hrs a day.
Is there aything else I can do??? What kind of Dr do I need to see when I finally get medical insurance.??

Thank You so Much for your Time.