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USA Today

Posted by john h on 3/25/03 at 16:02 (114526)

Two thoughtful letters to the editor in USA today from Montreal hockey fans appologizing for the booing of the National Anthem. Said the boos in no way reflected the majority opinion and are relationship is good as ever.

Dixie Chicks #3 album dropped to #23 on Billboard this weekend. Some other country singer who had some pro America song jumped to #1. Actually I had not heard either as I stll listen to Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash.

Of the 9 guys running for the Democratic nomination for President 5 are against the war in Iraq and 4 are pretty much taking the same approach as President Bush (Senators Kerry, Gephart, Liberman and one other). I think all four of these guys voted for Resolution 1441. Considerng the latest polls where Americans were asked about 8 questions on who they trust more on defense issues either Democrats or Republicans then it seems clear that one of the four above will be the Democratic nominee as the polls where Overwhelmingly in favor of Republicans when it comes to security. The Democrats come out on top in economics. At the moment security is more important than any issue with the majority of Americans. That is not to say if you do not have a job or health insurance that other factors may be more important in your life. I always sort of liked Joe Liberman and think he tried to be more like Gore than himself in the last election. He should just be Joe Liberman and he will do much better. Kerry is a war hero so he can stand tall on defense. Gephart is strong on defense but has probably been around to long. I think anyone trying to run on a decreased defense budget or in anyway appears soft on defense has a death wish. The Democrats do have some serious splits on security and support of the war which will become more pointed as their debates begin. With the war on it is hard for them to get any news coverage and anyone of them standing up now opposing the war is just not going to get the nomination. My guess is Kerry or Liberman is the guy.

Re: USA Today

D.Thomas on 3/25/03 at 16:17 (114529)


I have to actually disagree with you on Liberman. He will change his tune which ever way the wind blows. I have seen him do it on many issues.

Just my opinion.

Re: USA Today

BGCPed on 3/25/03 at 17:00 (114538)

I think in D.C. you can buy a Joe Liberman windvane. There is no nort south but rather yes, no or abstain.

Re: USA Today

marie on 3/25/03 at 21:10 (114598)

I'm a Liberman fan but would like to know about Kerry's point of view. Many Americans are out of work....I may be in a few months. I was out at the cabin today and our neighbor's wife has only 2 more weeks, another factory shut down. Bush wants to cut taxes but it means nothing to us Americans if we have no income to begin with. Indiana is in dire straights. Education is at rock bottom across the entire nation. College funding has been cut as well. There is a bill in process asking for 50 bil to bail out education across the country. I am watching very carefully as to who votes for or against.....and so are many educators. If the federal government can bail out airlines why can't they bail out education? It's time the federal government step up to the plate and put some money behind their mandates. Health care is one of the driving forces behind many workplace problems. Our elderly have to decide between medication or food. I feel that our nation as code red in health care issues and no one seems to be taking on the challenge of restructure. Clinton tried but was unable to get it off the paper it was writen on. Security is very important as well don't doubt my support for that. I see the ball rolling there....I know who the players are and don't doubt that they will build their 1.6 million man armed forces as outlined in 1991. But when someone takes on the role to lead our country all issues must be addressed and soon. The war hasn't done much for the stock market and I fear the worst for our economic condition. I am in deep sorrow for the familie of the young men who have lost their lives...I'm torn up. I have sons and I can imagine their pain. I will continue to pray for our troops and all who suffer in Iraq. Sorry but I am a follower of St. Francis. He loved birds too.

I still love Senator Lugar....He is by far one of the most judicous senators out there.

Well now that I got that off my chest I feel better.

as always your dear freind,

PS I need to learn how to use more smileys

Re: USA Today

pala on 3/26/03 at 01:01 (114617)

marie, i read tonite the bush adm is changing the medicare laws to make it much more difficult for folks to get medicare. do you or others know the details? i also heard that the bush adm just cut a billion dollars from the veteran's budget and that much of that money was cut from disabled veterans. but i heard it from a person and have not corroborated it. again, i would be interested if anyone heard about or read about that.

Re: USA Today

pala on 3/26/03 at 01:05 (114618)

on an uplifting note, i read about a woman who lost a leg and two arms in an accident. the article said her motto is to forge ahead and just keep trying all the time. her father said she is never defeated, she just has to compromise sometimes. that inspired me to never give up and maybe hearing about it might inspire others as well. she is a very brave person.

Re: USA Today

pala on 3/26/03 at 01:22 (114620)

looking around on the internet for info on the disabled veterans i came accross a site others might be interested in. disabled american veterans at dav.org they need donations and volunteers because of funding cuts. this seems like a worthy organization to me. if any others go to this site, tell us what you think about it.

Re: USA Today

D.Thomas on 3/26/03 at 07:56 (114633)


He is what I define as a 'Poll Politician.' Good ol'Joe loves to wet his finger stick it up in the air and then decide which way he wants to vote. What cracks me up the most is when he thinks he knows what is best and comes out with his stance on an issue, and then 2 days later he sees a poll and all of a sudden changes his tune. He is an absolute classic.

But, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong :P

Re: USA Today

Kathy G on 3/26/03 at 10:44 (114658)


I think John Kerry is a dangerous man. I believe he does nothing without first weighing how it will affect his political future. He has run some very dirty campaigns and has a ruthless streak a mile wide. I have real bad vibes about him.

I like Joe Lieberman. He seems like a decent, honest man and I trust him. He is a centrist and I think he's electable.

These are just my gut feelings. I, as you noticed, didn't cite anything to back them up. Just impressions I've gotten from watching the two of them over the years. Kerry is out for Kerry, first and foremost. When you live in southern New Hampshire, you feel like you live in Massachusetts as most of our television and radio stations are based in Boston. Not to mention, that I wouldn't dream of starting my day without my Boston Globe!

At any rate, it should be an interesting race and it would be nice to see it come down to just a few men instead of an army of Democrats all running for president!

Re: USA Today

john h on 3/26/03 at 11:07 (114666)

Pala: It takes Congress to enact any law concerning changing Medicare. Recently, in the last few months Medicare begin paying Doctors more for their services which helps us all who use Medicare. Some Doctors were starting to drop Medicare because of low reimbursement. This was a very positive and significant move. Medicade is having problems because states are having budget problems and they from time to time adjust what funds are available to Medicade. The law still exist that no one can be refused treatment for anything at an emergency room and many people use this as their primary care medical facility. Go to any large emergecy room and you will be staggered to see the nuumber of patients. Most do not have the money to pay for service so it is absorbed by the hospital. The age at which Medicare become available is slowly rising as a result of laws passed some years ago. I think it is currently 62.5 and I think over the next 10 years will go to 67. Under current projections Medicare is funded for about 30 years if no changes are made. Democrats and Republicans have a continued problem reaching agreement on how to address this problem. Being 30 years away they do not seemed inclined to do anything soon. Using Medicare my opinion it is really a great system. It is better than my care in the military. I do not like the HMO choice that is available in Medicare as you have no choice of Physician. Presidents really have little they can do with Medicare other than recommend to Congress.Our biggest problem is for people who do not have insurance through their employer and are not old enouhg for Medicare. When we talk about the uninsured their is a significant number of younger people who have the money for insurance but just opt out because they are young and think they can spend the money better elewhere.

Re: USA Today

marie on 3/26/03 at 12:35 (114678)

you make good points. It is up to congress to get their act together and do someting to straighten out medical care. My hubby is a photographer and does many weddings. You would be surprised at how many couples are opting to have their children before they are married. The main reason is that they have no medical insurance or their current insurace does not cover prenatal care and delivery. An unmarried woman who is pregnant can receive care thorugh medicaid. As far as purchasing a health insurance plan on your own....it is easy to say that if you are earning a reasonable income. Most of our factories pay around $10.00 an hour. Ten dollars an hour does not allow for many frills and lace. Individual Health insurance is extremely expensive for a family. You can get insurance at a lower rate but it usally doesn't cover what the average family needs...like when a parent has a two year old with an an ear infection and has to choose between taking her to the doc or the heat bill.